What to Do After Card Catalog is Full in Lost Ark

Out of space? No problem.

Lost Ark has a rather rich and beneficial leveling-up system. In addition to standard XP received through missions and quests, there is extensive deck-building known as the Card Catalog. 

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When journeying through Arkesia, you will receive numerous cards that, when paired, add beneficial effects. However, despite many perks, this Card Catalog has its drawbacks. The main problem is that your deck can only hold 120 cards. However, there is a way to fix this. Here’s what to do after your Card Catalog is full in Lost Ark.

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Can You Add More Space to Card Catalog When Full in Lost Ark? 

Fear not if you have already collected all 120 Cards on your journey through Arkesia as you can expand the Card Catalog in a couple of ways:

Buy Card Catalog Storage

This fix is pretty straightforward. Open the Card Catalog and select the ‘Enhance’ option. 

Once you click it, a window with all the cards you have collected will appear. 

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At the end of the list, you’ll see the locked ‘Expand Catalog Slots’ option. Select it and a window will pop up prompting you to buy slots with your blue crystals. 

You need only 30 crystals to expand the Catalog by 10 extra slots. If you don’t have enough blue crystals, you can buy them from the Lost Ark Shop in exchange for gold. 

Store Cards in Alternative Character Inventory

Never throw away any card. Every card is a part of a collection, and you will want all of them at the end of the game. Duplicate cards don’t take up space as they are all in one catalog slot. Moreover, they are used for card upgrades. 

There is a total of 303 cards to collect in Lost Ark. 

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