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How to Fix ‘Unable to Get Location Info’ Error in Lost Ark

by Nikola Pajtic

This online action-packed role-playing video game has had its ups and downs since its release worldwide on 11 February. A few players have had errors popping up when least expected, wondering how to fix them. 

One such error that can appear often is ‘Cannot Create Character‘, alongside ‘Unable To Get Location Info’, among others. Here is how to fix the ‘Unable to Get Location Info’ error in Lost Ark. 

Can You Fix the ‘Unable to Get Location Info” Error in Lost Ark? 

When trying to get into a dungeon with your friends, you might receive an error message that reads “unable to get location info.” 

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Don’t worry too much. There are a few reasons why this happens and some fixes you can try to resolve it:

Lost Ark Servers May Be Down

If you are getting this message, there is a possible chance that the servers are overloaded, meaning you may have to wait. Check the Lost Ark Server Status to see and try a couple more times to enter the dungeon. It may take quite some time for servers to be playable again after this happens. 

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If you haven’t tried it yet, a simple restart is always an option. If you are getting the same message repeatedly, a smart thing to do is close the game and relaunch it. 

Aim for Non-Peak Hours

There is not much you can do, but you should avoid peak hours to immerse yourself into the ever-changing world of Lost Ark. Try entering the desired dungeons with your party during the non-peak hours. 

Lost Ark features a wide-open world for you to explore, and if you get stuck, check out our other guides by clicking on the tag below the article. 

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