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How to Check Lost Ark Server Status

by Jesse Vitelli

Lost Ark, the Smilgate RPG being published by Amazon Games is having some serious server trouble and maintenance issues. If you’re here looking for a quick fix, we don’t have that for you, but we do have some information on how you can check official accounts to let you know the status of everything in Lost Ark.

How to Check Lost Ark Server Status

First up is the Lost Ark Twitter account, which posts the latest updates and woes that the game might be having. Launch day issues and other minor issues. Here’s an example of an update you can expect to see from this account.

The other way to check is the Official Lost Ark forum pages that are constantly being updated and will let you know when maintenance is happening. While trying to schedule maintenance around peak hours, sometimes a hotfix needs to be deployed quickly and can’t wait for a later time. So if you’re ever having trouble logging in, this is a great place to check.

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As more resources become available for players to check server status and other notes we will update this guide to reflect those.


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