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What Pre-Order Bonuses Do You Get With the Gold Edition of Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 is not real and cannot hurt you. Dead Island 2: *coming out in less than a month*.

by Nikola L

It’s coming. It’s real. Dead Island 2 is soon going to be playable, to the juice of many Dead Island fans who have patiently waited for over a decade for this sequel to finally surface and embrace the daylight full of spring sunshine rays. But, enough poetics for now. There are many pre-order variants for Dead Island 2, which offer different pre-order bonuses.

In this article, we’ll deal with the Gold Edition of Dead Island 2, so that you can gauge whether it’s worth buying or not. Welcome to Prima Games.

What’s in the Gold Edition of Dead Island 2?

It’s first worth mentioning that Gold Edition is a Digital Edition, meaning you can buy it in the online store, for the respective platform you want to play Dead Island 2 on. For physical editions, we have covered the HELL-A Edition in the below article.

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We have an official image pertaining to this subject below, which clearly explains the differences between the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and the Gold Edition.

Image via Dead Island Official Website

When you opt to purchase the Gold Edition you get the following Pre-Order bonuses:

  • Memories of Banoi Pack (Banoi War Club, Memories of Banoi Baseball Bat, and Personal Space Skill Card)
  • Pulp Weapons Pack (Sledgehammer called Homewrecker and Pitchfork called Eye Opener)
  • Golden Weapons Pack (Sam B’s One Hit wonder Pistol and Abuela’s Ashes Mace
  • Character Pack 1 & 2
  • Expansion Pass

Is the Gold Edition of Dead Island 2 Worth it? – Answered

That solely depends on you. Weapons that you get to look cool, and the two expansions (DLCs) might be great, or they might not be great. It’s all about how much faith you have in the developers.

What is the Expansion Pass in Dead Island 2?

According to the Xbox Store, Expansion Pass should be granting you access to future two expansions (DLCs) for Dead Island 2. Quote: “featuring new missions, foes, weapons, abilities, and areas of HELL-A to explore.

Should I buy the Deluxe Edition of Dead Island 2, then?

The Deluxe Edition provides great value because the price difference between the default (standard) and the Deluxe Edition is minuscule. If you want to get in on the DLCs (Expansions) earlier (probably at a better cost since you would be an early adopter, but that remains to be seen) go ahead with the Gold one! If not, Deluxe should be great. Standard does not pay off compared to Deluxe, in my opinion.

That’s it for now, when more light gets shed on this matter we’ll make sure to update the article. In the meantime, feel free to explore our Dead Island 2 tag below. See you soon at Prima Games!

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