What is the Strange Ox in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)? – Answered

Moo! That was convincing, right?

There are plenty of animals you can speak to in Baldur’s Gate 3. But some leave more of an impression than others. And some seem like they might be more than meets the eye. Such is the case with a particular bovine. Here’s what the Strange Ox is in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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What is the Strange Ox in Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)? – Answered

You likely stumbled across a particularly odd ox in Druid’s Grove. If you pass an Arcana check, you’ll learn that it isn’t what it appears to be. And its declaration of “Moo!” really cements the deal. Players who can Speak to Animals will find that speaking to the Strange Ox will find that it acts very suspiciously.

But you won’t have a chance to really find out what it is until Act 2. Minor spoilers ahead!

As you forge ahead, seeking out ways to rid yourself of the parasite swimming around in your skull, you’ll come across the Last Light Inn. And who would happen to be in the inn but the Strange Ox itself? Use Speak to Animals to chat with it, then pass a series of persuasion checks to really find out what it is.

A Level 5 Ooze!

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Yes. This strange, gooey monster has really been disguising itself as an ox this entire time just so it could lounge around eating hay. Or so we have to assume, though its gruesome memories might imply otherwise.

Note, if you reveal the Strange Ox’s natural form here, you’ll have to fight it. And in doing so, you won’t have a chance to speak to it when it finally makes its way to Baldur’s Gate.

If you’re kicking it around Druid Grove, you’ll be faced with plenty of hard choices, including whether or not to save a Tiefling thief or leave her to the snakes.  

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