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What is the House Chest Reward in Hogwarts Legacy?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
House Chest

Collectibles are one of the main content streams in Hogwarts Legacy, and one of the more elaborate collectible quests in the castle is tied to the House Chest. In every player’s common room area, there is a chest with the symbol of their house and it needs 16 slots filled to open up.

To open the House Chest, Wizards and Witches need to find all 16 Daedalian Keys that are flying around the halls of the school. Once you’ve smacked enough flying keys and returned all of the crests, you can open up the chest. But what reward is inside the chest in Hogwarts Legacy and is it worth opening?

Hogwarts Legacy – What is the House Chest Reward?

As soon as you’ve collected all 16 house tokens, you must head back to the common room and place them in the chest. When the final one is slotted, the quest is officially completed and the container can finally be opened. The reward for opening the House Chest is the Relic House Uniform robe.

This robe isn’t a gear piece, but rather one of the many cosmetic items in the game that you can place over your current gear at any time. The Relic House Uniform will reflect whichever house you are a part of in Hogwarts Legacy. That means the elaborate designs on the back and the colors will match Raven Claw, for example, if you’re part of that house.

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These robes are even slightly different in overall design from house to house. It’s another way that each playthrough has some unique traits depending on the house you join or are sorted into for Hogwarts Legacy. For those who love the different styles in the game, this House Chest is certainly worth opening.

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