Vampire Survivors: How to Solve “Sometimes You Just Have to Ask for Help” Clue

...and help you shall receive.

Vampire Survivors is the indie rogue-lite game of 2022 – and with fun and witty elements, including many hidden references and engaging gameplay, we’re not surprised it has tens of thousands of players absolutely hooked! Including us.

Poncle has no intention of stopping with the new content it seems, and one of their cool additions to the game is Secrets. You unlock the possibility of getting the secret menu by finding the Scroll of Morbane and from there, you will be getting hints about how to unlock them. The one that bothers a lot of players is “Sometimes you just have to ask for help” because, in essence, you can’t unlock this secret on your own because there are literally no hints and we can’t see HOW they would explain it. And that’s why you are here, and why we’ve written this. If this game was released in the 90s, we would certainly have covered it with a printed guide.

“Sometimes you just have to ask for help” Secret Clue Solution in Vampire Survivors

In all honesty, this secret is not that complicated. The secrets before it – the prerequisites – are, on the other hand.

As soon as Smith IV is unlocked, your Secret will be checked as unlocked in the Secret Menu. In case you want to explore more Secret Characters, our Vampire Survivors: All Secret Characters Listed guide is for you.

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