Two Point Campus: How to Increase Staff and Student Happiness

Make everyone happy!

There are many reasons why you’d want to keep your staff and students happy in Two Point Campus. Whether you’re looking to avoid unhappiness debuffs, trying to reach another star, or have a Suggestion Box request to fulfill, making everyone happy is always a good thing! If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to increase staff and student happiness in Two Point Campus.

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How to Increase Staff and Student Happiness in Two Point Campus

While the strategies for increasing happiness between the two groups differ slightly, many parts of it remain the same. Generally, you want to keep everyone’s Needs high. The following is a list of needs to consider:

  • Energy: An individual’s energy is influenced by how long they’ve been working. For campus faculty members, this means working without going on break. To solve this, simply allow your staff more break time! In the case of students, this means little to no access to beds in dorm rooms. While you don’t need a 1:1 ratio for beds to students, make sure you have enough so they can easily sleep without waiting.
  • Healthiness: Several factors determine healthiness in both staff and students. Vending machine food, lack of food kiosks, gross traits, and illnesses are some examples of these. The easiest way to increase healthiness is ensuring you have at least a few food and drink kiosks instead of vending machines. While this means you’ll have increased staff wages, the long-term benefits will slowly counter-balance it. Furthermore, ensure plenty of outdoor activities are available for your students! Lastly, once you unlock illnesses, keep your Medical Office queues low and upgrade your Omni-Cure machine.
  • Food and Drink: Everyone needs to eat! Keeping your staff and students fed and providing plenty of access to drinks will help keep these needs high.
  • Toilet: Make sure your staff and students have easy access to bathrooms! If an individual goes too long without using the restroom, they’ll receive the “bursting” debuff and automatically sprint towards the room.
  • Hygiene: Factors influencing hygiene in staff and students include lack of hand sanitizers, little to no access to showers, and an unpleasant, litter-filled environment. Keep hygiene high by building plenty of showers, placing numerous hand sanitizers throughout your campus, and hiring enough janitors to clean consistently.
  • Entertainment: No one likes being bored! Place arcade machines, telephones, and bookcases around to entertain your staff and students. Once you unlock events, start hosting film nights and SU parties to boost happiness and entertainment.
  • Environment: Environment includes factors like attractiveness, temperature, and room prestige. Make your campus, both interior and exterior, look attractive! If it is too hot or cold in certain areas, regulate the temperature to keep everyone comfortable.

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While the list above serves as a generalized guide for increasing staff and student happiness in Two Point Campus, there are additional tips and tricks to employ:

  • Train your staff once you gain access to the Training Room! Your staff will gain a Career Development buff that gives +20% happiness upon finishing a training session.
  • Keep an eye on your staff wages! If anyone is underpaid, they won’t be nearly as happy as an overpaid faculty member. Keep your wages high enough to make your staff happy. Just be careful not to create heavy monthly losses! Make the change gradual if necessary.
  • Host parties! While briefly mentioned above for increasing entertainment, every event type also increases student happiness significantly.
  • Accomplish student personal goals as frequently as possible. Students gain a temporary +25% happiness buff upon finishing a Personal Goal. Some of these goals are as simple as placing a $100 park bench. Even better, if you already have an object placed down, students will automatically approach it to finish their goals!

By keeping an eye on everyone’s needs and following some of the tips above, you’ll start to increase your campus happiness. As your students become happier, they’ll receive higher grades, increasing the stat further. These benefits are crucial to your success, especially as you progress to later levels.

Two Point Campus is available to play starting August 9 on PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms through the official website. If you’d like to explore more Two Point Campus content, check out How to Train Staff and How to Control Temperature.

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