Two Point Campus: How To Control Temperature

Make sure your students and staff are comfortable.

Two Point Campus will require you to balance many different systems to keep your college campus thriving. As you progress in the story mode, you’ll be thrown more and more curveballs and new plates to spin. You’ll need to learn all of the systems and master them to get through the trials and tribulations of managing a successful academic learning facility. Here is how to control the temperature in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus: How to Control Temperature

You’ll first need to start worrying about this mechanic in the wizard school, and it will continue to be a system in place going forward. In cold and hot areas, you’ll need to pay attention to the temperature of each room, outside, and any other place your students and staff roam around.

If you click on the eyeball at the bottom of the screen and select the thermometer icon, you’ll see the heat map of what spots are too hot or too cold. If you need to warm up an area, placing a heater, campfire, or patio lamp will increase the temperature depending on if it’s outside or inside. Built rooms like lecture halls, bathrooms, and dorms will need heaters inside the room. Anything placed outside of the room will not affect them.

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You’ll need to place air conditioners when you get to the sports school. They work the same as the heaters, which will make it cooler rather than hotter. Ensure every room, outside spot, and hallway is probably adjusted for the temperature. Some requirements will ask for a percentage of your campus to have a proper temperature. Use the heat map to determine where you’re missing heat or cooling. Staff and students will get sick and upset if they are too hot or cold, so be aware.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to control the temperature in Two Point Campus.

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