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Two Point Campus: How to Increase Student Grades

You're going to need to keep these students happy.

by Jesse Vitelli

Two Point Campus will test not only the students but also the players. You will have to balance the day-to-day lives of your staff, students, and budget. Part of running a campus is ensuring your students get the best education possible. While the college has a lot of distractions, keeping your students focused is essential. Here is how to increase your student’s grades in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus: How to Increase Student Grades

During some levels, you will be tasked with getting the average grade level of your students to a B or B+. This can be challenging as students are all over the map regarding grades. The easiest way to keep their grades up is to make sure that you have an extensive library, private tuition room, and classrooms.

Your students can spend their time in the library reading and increasing their learning ability. Depending on the class, you can also purchase specific bookcases for each course to further increase their ability.

On top of that, building a private tuition room and putting a teacher of that course there can help bring lower grade students up. Make sure to click on a student with low grades and send them to private tuition by selecting the chalkboard icon under their name.

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Finally, if a student is tired, hungry, or sad, this can affect their grades tremendously. Having suitable living arrangements for proper sleep and healthy meals around campus will increase their grades dramatically.

One last tip: only do this if you are in dire straits, but you can expel any student with a low-grade average. This will cut your financing significantly, but it’s the fastest way to change the average grade percentage. Click on the student’s tab at the bottom of the screen to see everyone’s GPA. From here, select and expel any student who doesn’t meet the criteria you’re looking for. College is a cutthroat business; sometimes, you need to run it like one.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to increase student grades in Two Point Campus.

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