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Pokemon GO Twinkling Fantasy Collection Challenge & Rewards

Dragons and Fairies take over GO.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Twinkling Fantasy

Collection Challenges are nothing new in Pokemon GO, but Twinkling Fantasy brings the first major challenge for 2023 as the new year of events finally begins. Just like the previous years in GO, Trainers can expect a new roster of Pokemon to catch and some fresh rewards to follow their capture.

This time around, the main focus is on Fairy and Dragon-type Pokemon, which explains the name of the new event, Twinkling Fantasy. For those that finish the entire Collection Challenge, there are some rewards that should help with the debut of Mega Salamence. You can find all the featured Pokemon here, along with the featured rewards.

Twinkling Fantasy Collection Challenge and Rewards – Pokemon GO

There are 10 total Pokemon that Trainers will need to catch in order to finish the challenge. Though that’s a bit higher than the average, there are no special mechanics like evolutions or trading, so finding each one won’t take too long. Below you can find all 10 featured in the Twinkling Fantasy event spawns.

Twinkling Fantasy Collection Challenge:

  • Catch a Ralts
  • Catch a Dratini
  • Catch a Clefairy
  • Catch a Jigglypuff
  • Catch a Marill
  • Catch a Bagon
  • Catch a Deino
  • Catch a Dedenne
  • Catch a Togetic
  • Catch a Clefable

Once you catch all 10 Pokemon, there are four rewards you can expect. The first is another number added to your Elite Collector Badge, which is something given with every single new Collection Challenge in Pokemon GO. For new rewards, Trainers will be given one Charged TM, one Fast TM, and 50 Mega Salamence energy.

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While you attempt the collection, just keep in mind that Clefable is the only Pokemon that can’t be shiny by default, but can still be evolved from a shiny Clefairy. Everything else on the list can be shiny, and there are plenty of opportunities to add a new shiny to your collection as you search the wild in the Twinkling Fantasy event.

And that’s all. For more of the latest news, updates, and guides, head over to the dedicated Pokémon GO section of our site.

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