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Pokemon GO Swirlix
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January is full of new Spotlight Hour events in Pokemon GO, and the next one in line is confirmed to be Swirlix on January 10, 2023. As always, Trainers can use the hour as an easy way to farm some extra candies, or they can take the opportunity to look for a shiny Swirlix.

However, there is no guarantee that every Pokemon has a shiny form in the mobile game. Unlike the mainline games, shiny forms are saved for major events like Community Days or the upcoming Twinkling Fantasy week. In this shiny guide, we’ll go over whether shiny Swirlix is available yet and how you can increase the odds of finding one in general.

Pokemon GO – Can Swirlix be Shiny?

If you’re a fan of the Cotton Candy Pokemon, we have some good news for you. Swirlix can be shiny in Pokemon GO as of August 2022. The pure Fairy-type debuted all the way back in 2021 during one of the springtime events, but per usual, there is about a one-year delay for an alternative color scheme.

Though the shiny Swirlix does exist, there is no guarantee that you’ll get one during the January 10 Spotlight Hour event. Unlike Community Days, there is no increase in shiny odds, so that means Trainers will have to deal with the typical 1 in 500 chance of a rare encounter. Research Tasks can be used to help increase odds, but the rewards need to match.

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Because odds are still based on overall encounters, you just need to increase the spawn rates. Moving towards locations with lots of PokeStops and Trainers will help the most. Following that with Lure Modules and Incense Lures will ensure that you have plenty of spawns. Simply start an encounter and back out if there is no shiny. You won’t need to catch anything to see if you have a shiny Swirlix in Pokemon GO.

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