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The Best Ways to Get Platinum in Warframe

It's a complicated process, but free premium currency is free premium currency.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Platinum

There are more than enough currencies between both Credits and resources to worry about in Warframe, but there’s one currency that stands above them all. That is Platinum, the one premium currency the game has that lets you buy most things depending on what you need. How you can secure yourself some Platinum, let alone how you do it quickly, can be a bit confusing. Here are the best ways to get Platinum in Warframe.

The Best Way to Farm Platinum in Warframe

When talking about the best ways to farm Platinum in Warframe, there are two ways you can secure yourself some. You can either buy some with real money or make trades with other players using in-game items to farm some. Given that the first method is quite expensive, we’re going to say the best way to make Platinum is by making trades with others. There are a lot of steps toward that, though, which we can help you with.

The first step is to know the prices of different items. To do this, head over to the site and type in whatever mod or item that’s tradeable that you want to see the price for. For this example, we’ll look up the mod Augur Reach. Provided that you’re looking at the sellers of that item, the lowest price is the lowest a player is currently selling it for. You can also see the Statistics tab to see how the price of that item has trended. In our example, the Augur Reach mod costs about 15 Plat, with the average sell price over time being 15-16 Plat.

Now that you know item prices, you can go and farm some items for Plat. There are a lot of different items that you can farm and sell, but the best way to farm items is to open up Void Relics (found to the right of your Arsenal in your orbiter). These relics offer a ton of different items but have a chance to give out a gold reward that is worth a hefty amount of Plat. For this example, let’s say you have an Axi H6 Relic that drops the Hildryn Prime blueprint, worth about 35 Plat. You could open the relic as is, but it’s best to make it Radiant and find other people with the relic wanting to open it as Radiant. To find other players, head into the Recruitment chat in the bottom left chat window and type in “LF [relic name] Rad/Radshare” with LF meaning looking for. With any luck, you’ll get an invite.

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Once the host of the game has selected a fissure, select the Radiant form of the relic and run the mission as normal, collecting at least 10 void traces from enemies. If you get lucky, either you or your teammates will have the gold reward, which you can select. Once out of the mission, either sell the item in trade chat (using “WTS [item] [Plat amount]”) or make a posting on that website we mentioned earlier. You will need to make an account to sell items there, though. Once you find someone, invite them either to your Clan’s Dojo (if they have a trading post) or to Maroo’s Bazaar and sell the player your item. That’s it! You’ll have the well-earned Platinum.

Before we finish, we want to make it very clear that this is a very basic look at how item trading works in Warframe and that there’s a lot more nuance to it. If you’re new to earning Platinum, we suggest sticking to this until you’re comfortable with it. Now that you can get started, here’s our guide on all Hildryn Prime relics in Warframe.

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