How to get All Prime Relics for Revenant Prime in Warframe

Revenant Prime! Shiny!

How to get all Prime Relics for Revenant Prime in Warframe

Warframe is a third-person online multiplayer shooter that was originally published back in 2013, but even today it houses many players and continues to change and expand through many updates and expansions. As the Tenno, members of an ancient warrior race, players use different Warframes to complete missions and shoot everything that moves be it enemies in the procedurally generated levels or the other players.

One of the most popular Warframes, the Revenant, is now getting a gold shiny version in the form of Revenant Prime. To find out how to unlock it in Warframe, keep on reading.

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How to Get All Prime Relics for Revenant Prime in Warframe

The easiest way to immediately acquire the Revenant Prime Warframe is to use the most powerful cheat ever – your credit card – and pay the $60 this Warframe costs. If you still want to make this Warframe yourself in the game by collecting Relics, without spending any real money, well, read on.

To create a Revenant Prime Warframe, you need the following parts: Revenant Prime Blueprint (Lith R2), Revenant Prime Chassis Blueprint (Meso N13), Revenant Prime Neuroptics Blueprint (Lith S14), and Revenant Prime Systems (Meso P9).

Here’s how to craft each of these parts, ie. which components you will need:

  • Revenant Prime Blueprint: 25,000 Credits, All built Revenant Prime parts, and 5 Orokin Cells.
  • Revenant Prime Neuroptics: 15,000 Credits, 2 Argon Crystals, 4 Neural Sensors, 1,750 Rubedo, and 4,600 Salvage.
  • Revenant Prime Systems: 15,000 Credits, 4 Control Modules, 2 Tellurium, 6,250 Ferrite, and 1,175 Circuits.
  • Revenant Prime Chassis Blueprint: 15,000 Credits, 2 Nitain Extract, 10 Neurodes, 1,975 Polymer Bundle, and 9,250 Nano Spores.

So there you have it, it’s time to grind if you want to build this new Warframe. If you need assistance, you may be able to seek help on the Trade Chat where other players can offer aid or some of the parts at popular prices as is usually the case in Warframe every time a new model appears.

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