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How to Get and Use Archon Shards in Warframe Veilbreaker

How to make your Warframes OP!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
How to Get and Use Archon Shards in Warframe Veilbreaker

The Warframe Veilbreaker expansion brought many new features to the long-running free-to-play looter-shooter game, including the new endgame resource: Archon Shards. By installing Archon Shards into Warframes, players get various benefits such as improved Strength, HP, and other offensive and defensive stats boosts. Five different Archon Shards can be equipped on each Warframe at the time. There are several ways to earn Archon Shards in Warframe Veilbreaker – find out all about them in our guide below.

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How to Get and Use Archon Shards in Warframe Veilbreaker

There are two ways to obtain Archon Shards in Warframe Veilbreaker, by playing Archon Hunts, the new end-game challenges, or through Kahl’s Garrison, an in-game store that allows players to buy one Archon Shard per week.

Getting Archon Shards via Archon Hunts in Warframe Veilbreaker

Archon Hunts are sortie-style end-game missions for the most skilled players with the best gear, they are available on the following planets:

  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter

On each of these planets, it is possible to play Archon Hunts whose availability changes in the weekly rotation. In order to access these missions, you must have a character of minimum level 130. Also, to be able to play Archon Hunts, you need to have completed the “Veilbreaker” quest first. The reward for completing an Archon Hunt is one Archon Shard, the type of which will be tied to the planet on which the Hunt was available that week.

Types of Archon Shards in Warframe Veilbreaker

See below the types of Archon Shards, where they can be won and all the various stats boosts they bring:

Azure Archon Shard – Obtained on Earth Archon Hunt from Archon Boreal

  • +150 Armor
  • +150 Health
  • +150 Shield Capacity
  • +5 Health regeneration per second
  • +50 Energy Max

Crimson Archon Shard – Obtained on Mars Archon Hunt from Archon Amar

  • +10% Ability Duration
  • +10% Ability Strength
  • +25% Melee Critical Damage
  • +25% Primary Status Chance
  • +25% Secondary Critical Chance

Amber Archon Shard – Obtained on Jupiter Archon Hunt from Archon Nira

  • +100% Effectiveness on Health Orbs
  • +15% Parkour Velocity
  • +25% Casting Speed
  • +30% Maximum Energy is filled on Spawn
  • +50% Effectiveness on Energy Orbs.

Now you know all about Archon Shards in Warframe Veilbreaker, so go get them, dive into the weekly grind and make your Warframes OP!

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