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The Best Melee Fuse Combinations in Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK)

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by David Morgan
Woodland Stable in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

When it comes to combat in Tears of the Kingdom, everyone’s going to have a different approach. If you’re like me, you just shoot an arrow with a Muddle Bud flower attached and watch the enemies go to town on each other. But if you prefer more direct tactics – or if you’re looking for some solutions to your mining woes – search no further. I’ve compiled a personal list of my favorite (and therefore, objectively best) Fuse combos in the game.

Best Melee Fuse Combinations For Combat

For smacking enemies around, you’ve got exactly two pretty good options: Smack em’ hard, or smack em’ smart. Let’s list out some great options for both strategies.

Add your highest Fuse power items to spears and one-handers

Smack em’ hard: This includes high Fuse power items like Silver enemy horns, Lynel parts, and Boss horns attached. Specifically, fused to high Fuse power weapons like Gnarled Sticks and Royal Weapons. You’ll want to put your high power materials onto one handed weapons or spears, since their attack power per swing vastly out-damages their two-handed counterparts. Specializing further into weapons that have increased Flurry Rush damage, like the Royal Weapons, or those with increased damage when under a certain status, like the Zora weapons (when wet) can increase your damage output even more.

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Smack em’ smart: If you want a little more strategy to your melee combat, we have plenty of options. What I recommend is using lesser damage, higher durability weapons and materials that apply shock or freeze together and alternating those with your beefier arsenal. For example, a Sturdy Stick combined with an Ice-Breath Lizalfos Horn, or a Sturdy Branch with a Topaz. Other good options are the spines from the elemental dragons which roam Hyrule. Any combination that disarms or otherwise immobilizes the enemy is essential when tackling strong foes.

Elemental effects are key to winning tough battles

Remember, frozen enemies take increased damage from the next hit. So if you can freeze a foe, then whip out one of your strong weapons to follow-up, you’ll do big damage. Going against what I said earlier, having one very strong two-handed weapon is a great combination with a lesser damage, high durability frost weapon.

Hit a frozen enemy with a strong two-hander for big damage

Best Melee Fuse Combinations For Mining

Luminous Stones on “Durable” weapons are a great mining option

This is a little simpler, since you’ll likely only need one or two of these on your person at a time. Focus on two-handers when mining, as they break rocks much more easily. I recommend a Sturdy Thick Stick combined with a Talos Heart or Horriblin Horn for a super-durable, reliable mining option. Cobble Crushers are also a good bet, but they boast slightly less durability.

Like I said, this guide is based on my very personal, but also very objectively correct, experience with Tears of the Kingdom. And as mentioned before, everyone’s going to have a million solutions to every problem in this game – that’s part of the fun! But I hope this groundwork inspires you to find your own creative solutions in the future.

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