Should you Kill Delgado in Starfield? – Answered

What's a little betrayal between pirates?

It’s likely no surprise that the characters you’ll meet on the Crimson Fleet fall a little short than charming. And that’s certainly the case for Delgado and Mathis. But should you actually kill Delgado, the leader of the Crimson Fleet, in Starfield?

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Is it a Good Idea to Help Mathis Kill Delgado in Starfield? – Answered

Being the rookie of any organization is hard. Especially if that organization happens to the Crimson Fleet, a pirate organization that’s known for leaving death and destruction in its wake.

But your job is to learn more about the Crimson Fleet and betray any intel to the United Colonies. And that means staying low. But what if you just killed Delgado, the Crimson Fleet’s captain, instead?

This choice is presented to you during the quest “Echoes of the Past”, set in the abandoned, high-security prison on Suvorov. Mathis will immediately want to kill Delgado. It doesn’t matter if you agree to kill Delgado or not.

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Either way, Mathis would lose his nerve. Which is probably for the best, because killing (or failing to kill) Delgado, would end this faction quest very quickly.

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You’ll then get a second option later in the mission, where you can opt to tell Delgado that Mathis didn’t help or did a good job. If you tell Delgado that Mathis did a good job, Mathis will be grateful when you see him again on The Key.

If you tell Delgado Mathis did nothing, Mathis will be livid when you see him again on The Key. He’ll tell you he’ll get you back for that, and then tell you to stay the hell away from him. But now that we’ve seen how much a backbone he has, I highly doubt he has the commitment to follow through.

I’ll update this space if he tries to kill me later, though.

Ending this mission will give you a pretty awful Prison Escape ship. But what if I told you there was an even better one not that far away? And you can get it for free. Though expect to trade some ammo and medpacks.

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