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Mutant Borderlands 3 Guide – Legendary DLC Weapon

by Ginny Woo

Looking for something to bring to the table for the Borderlands 3 Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC? We can recommend a whole host of weapons when it comes to something that would liven up the party, especially ringers like The Companion, but if you’re looking for a weapon specific to the new content then why not check out the Mutant Borderlands 3 Legendary

Mutant Borderlands 3 Guide – Legendary DLC Weapon

Trying to get a hold of the Mutant Borderlands 3 Legendary? Then you definitely won’t be alone. With the new push of content from the Guns, Love and Tentacles expansion, there’s absolutely no doubt that you’re going to need to update your arsenal if you’re wanting to keep up with the rigorous demands of Vault Hunting in a new environment that’s replete with eldritch gods. Now, the Mutant is cool because this particularly Jakobs assault rifle has full-auto firing mode. 

This special effect is called “Super unnatural” and it essentially acts a bit like a portable turret. If you’re wanting to chew through a bunch of smaller enemies to thin the herd while dealing with a boss, or if you just want to pump a whole heap of lead into one big thing in particular then we reckon it’s pretty hard to actually pass this one up. The bullets will ricochet which lets you do a bunch of damage to enemies as they crowd around you, though it’s got a pretty significant recoil when you’re just hammering away so you’re going to want to watch that. 

The Mutant, while beautifully otherworldy in design, is not something that just drops out of the sky. If you’re looking to farm it, we reckon that the most efficient thing for you to do is to actually go hunt down one of the new rare spawns from the Borderlands 3: Guns, Love and Tentacles DLC. If you’re curious about the new rare spawns that we’ve spotted so far, we actually have an evolving list here that we’ve relinked for your convenience. Now, for a little bit of advice on how to get this weapon.

The Mutant can drop from most loot sources, including any portable toilet that’s just kicking around Pandora, but our recommendation would be to actually farm something called the Fungal Gorger which is, as mentioned, one of the new rare spawns from the most recent DLC. This gun has an increased change to drop from the Fungal Gorger, so we would just keep beating it up until it spits out the loot that you want. You just need persistence!

With our Mutant Borderlands 3 guide on hand, it should definitely be a little easier for you to pick up this particular bullet hose and to add it to your collection of Things To Kill Eldritch Gods Fast With. If you don’t quite yet own Borderlands 3, though, then why not grab it from Amazon here and also support Prima Games while you’re at it? Once you have a copy of the game, hop back to our dedicated guides hub to see the collection of tips and tricks that we’ve put together for Vault Hunters like yourself to rely on: 

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