Borderlands 3 The Companion Guide – Legendary Weapon

Trying to pick up the Borderlands 3 The Companion Legendary? Then you might want to prepare yourself for some hot times with Hot Karl.
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Trying to make your mark in Borderlands 3 as a Vault Hunter? You’re going to need to bring not only the best cosmetics, but also the strongest weapons. We reckon it’s hard to go wrong with an incendiary choice like the Borderlands 3 The Companion guide if you’re wanting something to light up a room. Here’s how to get it. 

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Borderlands 3 The Companion Guide – Legendary Weapon

Why would you want to get your hands on the Borderlands 3 The Companion Legendary? Well, it’s pretty simple. This weapon really packs a fiery punch, especially if you’re someone who loves to build crit. The good thing about this particular Jakobs pistol is its special weapon effect called “You can’t take the sky from me” – this means that the gun always spawns as incendiary, but sets stuff on fire when you score a critical hit. It also has increased magazine size and does more elemental damage. We like it because it does some pretty impressive damage and it does a lot of burn damage per second. As it’s a pistol, we’re not going to recommend that you throw down from sniping range, but we think it’s a good thing to have in your arsenal regardless.

Now, the important part is how to get your hands on The Companion. If you’re not quite sure, we’ll make it easy. Unlike other Legendaries in the game, or at least the bulk of them, The Companion drops from one enemy at an increased rate – Hot Karl. Yes, this lad is located in Devil’s Razor on Pandora, so you’re going to want to make the trip up there to take care of them quick smart if you’ve confirmed that this is the particular Legendary that you want. Other Legendaries that drop from one enemy in particular include guns like the Face-Puncher. That beauty drops from Handsome Jackie in Promethea’s Skywell-27, and we have a guide to picking that weapon up and adding it to your collection if you like – we’ve relinked it here for your convenience. 

Now that you have our guide to picking up the Borderlands 3 The Companion legendary pistol, it should be easy enough for you to grab on to this fiery weapon of death (as long as you have the crit build to make it worth it). If all of this is just gibberish to you but you’ve been wanting to take a slice of the Vault Hunting action for yourself, you too can buy the game from Amazon here and support Prima Games at the same time. Neat, huh? Need help with anything else related to Borderlands 3? Check out the variety of tips and tricks that we’ve put together for players like you in our dedicated guides hub:


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