Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: Chain Crit Guide – Is it Good?

Only for certain weapons and style.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is all about hunting different creatures. For that, you will need great weapons and abilities. If your playstyle is more on the aggressive side, attacking monsters constantly without hesitation, then opt for Dual Blades, Charge Blade, or Switch Axe. 

These weapons will only benefit your style of play, and you will gain even more power if you equip Chain Crit. Here’s what Chain Crit is and if it is any good in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. 

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak: What is Chain Crit and Is It Any Good? 

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak doesn’t lack powerful abilities you can equip a character with, and Chain Crit is regarded as the best one. So is it good? Definitely yes. 

Now, what does it do? After the first hit you land, if equipped, Chain Crit will add 5 Raw Attack and Element Damage buff to the weapon you use. 

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Though it doesn’t sound like much, it adds pretty nicely to your base attacks if you string up several hits. 

Furthermore, you can level up Chain Crit, increasing the damage with each level. 

  • Level 1 Chain Crit active: Attack boost of 10, Element Damage boost of 8.
  • Level 2 Chain Crit active: Attack boost of 12, Element Damage boost of 10.
  • Level 3 Chain Crit active: Attack boost of 15, Element Damage boost of 15.

How to Equip Chain Crit in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

The Chain Crit skill is not that easily obtainable. There is only a couple of ways to get it.

At the earliest, you will get the Chain Crit after defeating the monster Astalos. His helmet, mail, and braces will give you the desired skill. Next, Gaismagorm’s Armor Ura will provide you with Chain Crit. However, Gaismagorm is one of the most vicious bosses in the game and the final one at that. 

The third and final way to get the Chain Crit is to battle against Furious Rajang, but he is unavailable to you until you are Master Rank 50. 

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