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How to Upgrade Potions and Healing in Diablo 4

Don't get stuck with weak healing.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Every player in Diablo 4 is given some healing potions as soon as the game begins, and their character has spawned for the first time. These potions are at their weakest point though, and just like any other RPG, you will have to put in the work to upgrade the healing you receive.

Healing potions have an odd system in Diablo 4, however. You will end up finding the potions dropping from enemies all over the place, but this will not help you upgrade the potency of them. Our guide will cover exactly how you can upgrade your healing potions so you can effectively take hits later in the game.

Diablo IV – How to Upgrade Healing Potions

Upgrades to these kinds of potions are tied directly to your level and they also require some materials before you can obtain them. Every player starts with the Weak Healing Potion at level 1 and they will be granted access to an upgrade at level 10 for the Tiny Healing Potion. Every 10 levels after means another upgrade.

To claim the upgrade, you need to head to an Alchemist. You can typically find these in any major town or city, including the Kyovashad area you unlock fairly early in Diablo 4. As soon as you find an Alchemist, and you have reached level 10, they will have a Priority Quest waiting for you, which is to make the first potion upgrade.

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All you need at this point is some Gallowvine and Biteberry, both of which are herbs that can be found around the open world outside of towns. Bring those to the Alchemist with a few hundred gold and you will have your full healing potion upgrade in Diablo 4, and the formula continues in the future.

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