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How to Unlock Hot Bar Skill Slots in Diablo 4

Don't get stuck with one skill.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
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Aside from endlessly grinding to get the best gear possible, one of the best parts of Diablo 4 is being able to unlock new skills and place them into slots on your hot bar. You’ll notice when you start the game, though, that you only have one slot to utilize and just a small portion of the skill tree to select.

Of course, the goal is to become much stronger and unlock more of those skill slots as you progress through the game. But there isn’t a great explanation for how to earn more skill slots on your hot bar in Diablo 4, so we’re here to give you a quick outline of the system.

Diablo IV – How to Unlock More Skill Slots on your Hot Bar

After earning just a few levels in the game, you’ll be able to see an extra slot at the bottom left corner of your screen. There are six slots in total, and the second slot is earned by simply earning a few levels as the game begins. To keep increasing the skill slot count, you’ll have to continue leveling up to level 8. There are also quests in the game that unlock additional systems, but the hot bar should be tied to the character level alone.

The more levels that you earn within Diablo 4, the more skill points you’ll receive, and you’ll need more room to utilize them. For the time being, the slots that have a locked symbol can’t be used, but you can still see them with their assigned keys on the screen. Keep an eye out as more become available once you reach level 8.

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When you do get more skill slots, simply head into the abilities menu or the skill tree and use the assign option. This will give you a small window with all the skills you have unlocked, and you can then choose where they are assigned on your hot bar. Choose wisely, as you only have so much energy within Diablo 4.

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