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Does Diablo 4 Server Slam Data Carry Over to Official Launch? – Answered

Don't put too much time into the Server Slam.

by Shawn Robinson
When is the New Diablo 4 Beta Releasing

The Diablo 4 Server Slam is now live, bringing the opening hours of the upcoming action RPG to player’s hands for a single weekend. With five different classes to play and much to explore in that time, you are bound to find all sorts of things to love. With how much time you are likely about to dump into this event, you may be wondering how that will play out once the game is finally available. Here is whether your character data from the Diablo 4 Server Slam will carry over to the official launch.

Will My Diablo 4 Server Slam Character Carry Over to Release?

Despite the amount of content available in the Server Slam, your Diablo 4 character will not carry over to launch. This means you will need to recreate your character and level them back up if you end up buying the full game. This is done for several reasons, though two reasons particularly stand out.

The first reason is that players who start the game with a level 20 character at launch would be miles ahead of the rest of the crowd. There is only a single weekend to play the game for free, so those who missed out would feel like they have to play more to play catchup with the rest of the community. The other reason is because of potential changes between the Server Slam and the full release. There were a ton of balancing and design changes between the last beta and Server Slam, so it is likely that we will see more changes before the full release. Ignoring how hard that could be from a coding perspective, that makes for a jarring experience when trying to relearn everything that has changed and being unable to experience previous content on that character.

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As much as it is a shame that your character does not carry over to launch, it is arguably for the better. You will still be able to enjoy a good chunk of the game and know whether you want to purchase before June 6. If you do spend a good chunk of time in the Server Slam, you can thankfully get exclusive rewards to be equipped in the full game. Our guide on all Diablo 4 Server Slam rewards can help you with that.

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