How to Unlock Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You need it for 16 recipes!

Disney Dreamlight Valley Unlock Slush Ice

Slush Ice is one of the most challenging ingredients to get in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Not only do you have to complete multiple quests to unlock it, but you can only buy it in the Chez Remy pantry. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to discover how to unlock Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Unlock Slush Ice in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before you can buy in Chez Remy’s Pantry, you’ll have to complete a quest. The Unknown Flavor is Remy’s last mission after reaching level 10 Friendship with him. After speaking with Remy, you’ll have to talk to Merlin and enter his home to take some cooking notes. In these notes, you’ll discover that you must get Purified Night Shards to progress.

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After making three Purified Night Shards, ask WALL-E to crush them into powder. Use your newly-acquired powder and 15 snowballs to craft Ice Slush. If you don’t have any snowballs, head to Frosted Heights and search the ground. If you don’t find enough, dig holes until you get the remaining amount you need.

Once you have the Ice Slush, show it to Remy to officially unlock Slush Ice. You can now purchase it in the Chez Remy Pantry for 150 coins.

Below is a list of every recipe containing Slush Ice if you want to knock out every dish right away:

  • Apple Sorbet: Slush Ice, Apple, Sugarcane
  • Banana Ice Cream: Slush Ice, Banana, Milk, Sugarcane
  • Banana Split: Slush Ice, Banana, Milk, Sugarcane, Any Sweets
  • Chocolate Ice Cream: Cocoa Bean, Sugarcane, Milk, Slush Ice
  • Coconut Ice Cream: Slush Ice, Milk, Sugarcane, Coconut
  • Fruit Sorbet: Slush Ice, Any Fruit
  • Ice Cream: Slush Ice, Milk, Sugarcane
  • Lemon Sorbet: Slush Ice, Lemon
  • Mint Sorbet: Slush Ice, Mint
  • Pawpsicle: Slush Ice, Sugarcane, Any Fruit
  • Plain Snow Cones: Slush Ice
  • Red Fruit Sorbet: Slush Ice, Raspberry, Gooseberry, Sugarcane
  • Sour Snow Cones: Slush Ice, Lemon, Sugarcane
  • Sweet Slush: Slush Ice, Any Sweets
  • Tropical Pop: Slush Ice, Sugarcane, Coconut, Any Sweets
  • Vanilla Ice Cream: Slush Ice, Milk, Sugarcane, Vanilla

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation platforms through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out How Often Do Mushrooms Spawn and How to Upgrade the Pickaxe in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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