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Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Guide: All Cooking Recipes

Find an ever-growing list of every recipe in the game!

by Madison Benson
Disney Dreamlight Valley All Cooking Recipes Guide

Cooking is one of the most beneficial activities in Disney Dreamlight Valley for multiple reasons. Not only can you gift meals to characters in your village, but you can also sell your cooked dishes! Depending on the food you create, you can make thousands of coins in no time at all if you have the right items. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to find a comprehensive list of every cooking recipe in the game alongside their required ingredients, sale price and energy stats.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Guide: All Cooking Recipes

While many of Disney Dreamlight Valley’s cooking recipes are simple to guess, others are complicated. As you read further, you’ll also notice that some spots include “Any” ingredients. This difference means that, unlike recipes calling for particular items, you can use any that fall under the general category.

For example, if you find a recipe that calls for “any spice”, you’re not limited to just basil or oregano. Instead, you’re free to use garlic, ginger, or even mint. However, be careful when doing this since it can occasionally result in a different recipe.

Below is a list of every cooking recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valle as they appear in-game:


RecipeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Ingredient 5Price and Energy
Arendellian Pickled HerringHerringLemonOnionGarlicAny Spice556+ Coins
2102+ Energy
Bell Pepper PuffsBell PepperEggsCheese606+ Coins
1272+ Energy
BuñuelosWheatCheeseEggsMilk948+ Coins
1881+ Energy
Cheese PlatterCheese216+ Coins
482+ Energy
Chili Pepper PuffsChili PepperEggsCheese669+ Coins
1382+ Energy
CoffeeCoffee Bean43+ Coins
730+ Energy
CrackersAny Grain2+ Coins
80+ Energy
Creamy SoupMilkPotatoAny SpiceAny Vegetable576+ Coins
1138+ Energy
CruditésAny Vegetable26+ Coins
83+ Energy
Eggplant PuffsEggplantEggsCheese991+ Coins
1941+ Energy
French FriesCanolaPotato304+ Coins
342+ Energy
GazpachoCucumberTomatoOnionAny Spice556+ Coins
821+ Energy
Green SaladLettuceAny Vegetable20+ Coins
180+ Energy
Grilled VegetablesAny Vegetable9+ Coins
83+ Energy
Grilled Veggie PlatterAny VegetableAny VegetableAny Vegetable33+ Coins
161+ Energy
Hard-Boiled EggsEggs264+ Coins
578+ Energy
Large Seafood PlatterLemonAny SeafoodAny SeafoodAny SeafoodAny Seafood340+ Coins
1810+ Energy
LatteCoffee BeanMilk345+ Coins
1358+ Energy
Marinated HerringHerringOnion305+ Coins
723+ Energy
MochaCoffee BeanMilkCocoa Bean425+ Coins
2246+ Energy
Okra SoupOkra136+ Coins
99+ Energy
Onion PuffsOnionEggsCheese798+ Coins
1392+ Energy
Oyster PlatterOysterLemon367+ Coins
1155+ Energy
Pickled HerringHerringLemonOnionAny Spice431+ Coins
1742+ Energy
Potato Leek SoupPotatoLeekMilkOnionGarlic1400+ Coins
1984+ Energy
Potato PuffsPotatoEggsCheese736+ Coins
1333+ Energy
PottagePotatoAny SpiceAny Vegetable215+ Coins
461+ Energy
Pumpkin PuffsPumpkinEggsCheese1400+ Coins
1466+ Energy
Pumpkin SoupPumpkinMilkGingerAny Vegetable1500+ Coins
1431+ Energy
PuréePotato151+ Coins
230+ Energy
Roasted AsparagusAsparagusCanola313+ Coins
221+ Energy
SaladLettuce9+ Coins
139+ Energy
Sautéed MushroomsMushroomsButter286+ Coins
712+ Energy
Seafood AppetizerAny Seafood54+ Coins
242+ Energy
Seafood PlatterAny SeafoodAny Seafood116+ Coins
458+ Energy
SouffléCheeseEggsMilkButter1200+ Coins
2386+ Energy
Tomato SoupTomato26+ Coins
83+ Energy
Vegetable SoupAny VegetableAny Vegetable20+ Coins
120+ Energy
Zucchini PuffsZucchiniEggsCheese632+ Coins
1216+ Energy
39 total Disney Dreamlight Valley Appetizers as of February 2023

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RecipeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Ingredient 5Price and Energy
Apple Cider Glazed SalmonSalmonSugarcaneApple271+ Coins
1572+ Energy
Baked CarpCarpButter767+ Coins
1894+ Energy
Basil OmeletBasilEggsCheeseMilk982+ Coins
2035+ Energy
BouillabaisseShrimpTomatoAny SeafoodAny SeafoodAny Vegetable671+ Coins
2114+ Energy
Carp SaladCarpLemonLettuce617+ Coins
2310+ Energy
Cheesy Crispy Baked CodCodWheatCheese303+ Coins
840+ Energy
ChowderMilkPotatoAny SeafoodAny Vegetable613+ Coins
1186+ Energy
Creamy Garlic ScallopsScallopLemonButterGarlic499+ Coins
1844+ Energy
Crispy Baked CodCodWheat47+ Coins
337+ Energy
Fish CreoleGarlicRiceTomatoAny FishAny Vegetable280+ Coins
822+ Energy
Fish ‘n’ ChipsWheatCanolaPotatoAny Fish392+ Coins
697+ Energy
Fish PastaGarlicWheatMilkAny Fish475+ Coins
1282+ Energy
Fish PieWheatButterAny Fish303+ Coins
867+ Energy
Fish RisottoRiceButterAny Fish386+ Coins
939+ Energy
Fish SaladLemonLettuceAny Fish92+ Coins
1140+ Energy
Fish SandwichesWheatAny Fish34+ Coins
337+ Energy
Fish SoupMilkAny Fish Any Vegetable368+ Coins
978+ Energy
Fish SteakTomatoBasilAny Fish100+ Coins
537+ Energy
Fish TacosCornChili PeppersCheeseAny Fish448+ Coins
1171+ Energy
Fugu SushiFuguRiceSeaweed1300+ Coins
3261+ Energy
Greek PizzaTomatoOnionCheeseWheatAny Spice630+ Coins
1152+ Energy
Grilled FishAny Fish30+ Coins
290+ Energy
Grilled Fish EntreeAny FishAny Vegetable42+ Coins
340+ Energy
GumboOkraShrimpChili PepperTomatoOnion1000+ Coins
2226+ Energy
Hearty SaladLettuceAny VegetableAny Vegetable33+ Coins
224+ Energy
Hors d’OeuvresAny Spice24+ Coins
202+ Energy
Kappa MakiSeaweedCucumberRice335+ Coins
462+ Energy
Kronk’s Spinach PuffsSpinachCheeseCanola461+ Coins
750+ Energy
Lancetfish PaellaLancetfishShrimpTomatoRiceAny Seafood1700+ Coins
4550+ Energy
Leek SoupLeek370+ Coins
414+ Energy
Lemon Garlic SwordfishSwordfishGarlicLemon1100+ Coins
3713+ Energy
Lobster RollLobsterWheatLemonButterGarlic1900+ Coins
4928+ Energy
Maguro SushiTunaSeaweedRiceGinger413+ Coins
1206+ Energy
MakiSeaweedRiceAny Fish148+ Coins
471+ Energy
Margherita PizzaTomatoCheeseWheatAny Spice336+ Coins
818+ Energy
Mediterranean SaladCucumberTomatoOnionLettuceAny Spice605+ Coins
976+ Energy
Mushroom PizzaMushroomWheatTomatoCheese351+ Coins
837+ Energy
Mushu’s CongeeRiceEggsMushroomGarlicGinger753+ Coins
1658+ Energy
OmeletEggsCheeseMilk882+ Coins
1751+ Energy
Pan-Fried Angler FishAnglerfishTomatoZucchiniPotato2500+ Coins
4194+ Energy
Pan-Seared Bass & VegetablesBassAny VegetableAny Vegetable57+ Coins
394+ Energy
Pan-Seared Tilapia & VegetablesTilapiaAny VegetableAny Vegetable862+ Coins
2194+ Energy
PastaWheatTomato30+ Coins
117+ Energy
Peanut Butter SandwichPeanutsWheat262+ Coins
592+ Energy
PizzaTomatoCheeseWheat284+ Coins
607+ Energy
Poached Basil-Butter SturgeonWhite SturgeonBasilLemonButter2200+ Coins
4961+ Energy
PorridgeMilkWheat301+ Coins
668+ Energy
Porridge with FruitsMilkWheatAny Fruit353+ Coins
1155+ Energy
Ranch SaladLettuceBell PepperCornTomatoOnion396+ Coins
714+ Energy
RatatouilleTomatoEggplantZucchiniOnionAny Spice914+ Coins
1572+ Energy
Sake MakiRiceSeaweedSalmon323+ Coins
1101+ Energy
Sake SushiSalmonRice274+ Coins
1000+ Energy
Savory FishLemonAny Fish74+ Coins
985+ Energy
Scrambled EggEggsCheese520+ Coins
1070+ Energy
Seafood PastaWheatMilkAny Seafood387+ Coins
921+ Energy
Seafood PieWheatButter Any Seafood331+ Coins
813+ Energy
Seafood SaladLettuceAny Seafood68+ Coins
349+ Energy
Seafood SoupAny SeafoodAny VegetableAny Vegetable85+ Coins
340+ Energy
Seared Rainbow TroutRainbow TroutTomatoOnion338+ Coins
889+ Energy
Simple Fried PerchPerchWheatButter380+ Coins
1317+ Energy
Smoked Peanuts and AnglerfishAnglerfishPeanuts2200+ Coins
3960+ Energy
Sole MeunièreSoleWheatButterLemon637+ Coins
2337+ Energy
Spaghetti ArrabbiataTomatoWheatChili Pepper141+ Coins
373+ Energy
Spicy Baked BreamBreamChili PepperButter767+ Coins
2075+ Energy
Steamed FuguFuguGingerGarlic1400+ Coins
3668+ Energy
SushiRiceAny Fish111+ Coins
405+ Energy
Sweet & Sour Kingfish SteakKingfishSugarcaneLemon702+ Coins
2292+ Energy
TamagoyakiEggsSugarcane310+ Coins
689+ Energy
Tasty SaladLettuceCucumberAny VegetableAny Spice292+ Coins
650+ Energy
Tasty VeggiesAny VegetableAny Spice36+ Coins
246+ Energy
Tekka MakiTunaSoyaSeaweedRice366+ Coins
984+ Energy
Teriyaki SalmonSoyaSalmonSugarcaneRiceGinger637+ Coins
1726+ Energy
Tuna BurgerTunaOnionLemonWheatAny Vegetable491+ Coins
1922+ Energy
Vegetarian PizzaTomatoCheeseWheatAny VegetableAny Vegetable350+ Coins
754+ Energy
Vegetarian StewPotatoCarrotOnion475+ Coins
617+ Energy
Vegetarian TacoCornChili PepperCheese Any Vegetable423+ Coins
925+ Energy
Veggie CasseroleCheeseAny VegetableAny VegetableAny Spice324+ Coins
821+ Energy
Veggie PastaTomatoWheatAny Vegetable43+ Coins
158+ Energy
Veggie PieButterWheatAny Vegetable279+ Coins
634+ Energy
Veggie SkewersMushroomsZucchiniOnionBell Pepper427+ Coins
767+ Energy
Walleye en PapilloteWalleyeBasilOreganoAny Vegetable1700+ Coins
3689+ Energy
81 total Disney Dreamlight Valley Entrées as of February 2023

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RecipeIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3Ingredient 4Ingredient 5Price and Energy
FruitcakeWheatAny FruitAny FruitAny Fruit96+ Coins
1511+ Energy
“My Hero Cookie”WheatButterAny Sweets294+ Coins
679+ Energy
Apple PieAppleWheatButter303+ Coins
1137+ Energy
Apple SorbetSlush IceAppleSugarcane271+ Coins
1077+ Energy
Aurora’s CakeWheatSugarcaneEggsMilkAny Fruit786+ Coins
2030+ Energy
Banana Ice CreamSlush IceBananaMilk Sugarcane641+ Coins
1884+ Energy
Banana PieBananaWheatButter308+ Coins
1227+ Energy
Banana SplitSlush IceBananaMilk SugarcaneAny Sweets714+ Coins
2074+ Energy
BeignetsCanolaWheatEggsSugarcane524+ Coins
912+ Energy
Berry SaladRaspberryBlueberryGooseberry139+ Coins
2210+ Energy
Birthday CakeCocoa BeanWheatSugarcaneEggsButter749+ Coins
2310+ Energy
BiscuitsWheatSugarcaneButter294+ Coins
679+ Energy
Blueberry PieBlueberryWheatButter308+ Coins
1227+ Energy
Boba TeaMilkSugarcane323+ Coins
714+ Energy
CandyAny Sweets22+ Coins
123+ Energy
Caramel ApplesSugarcaneApple56+ Coins
638+ Energy
Carrot CakeCarrotWheatEggsSugarcane427+ Coins
908+ Energy
CheesecakeCheeseWheatSugarcaneAny Fruit332+ Coins
1161+ Energy
Cherry PieCherryWheatButter326+ Coins
1497+ Energy
Chocolate Chip CookiesCocoa BeanWheatSugarcaneButter373+ Coins
1569+ Energy
Chocolate Ice CreamCocoa BeanSugarcaneMilkSlush Ice655+ Coins
2074+ Energy
Chocolate WafflesCocoa BeanWheatEggsMilk735+ Coins
2223+ Energy
Coconut Boba TeaMilkSugarcaneCoconut406+ Coins
1653+ Energy
Coconut CakeCoconutWheatEggsSugarcane424+ Coins
1750+ Energy
Coconut Ice CreamSlush IceMilkSugarcaneCoconut661+ Coins
2169+ Energy
CrepeWheatEggsMilkVanilla768+ Coins
1624+ Energy
Fruit SaladAny Fruit25+ Coins
450+ Energy
Fruit SorbetSlush IceAny Fruit222+ Coins
857+ Energy
Gingerbread HouseWheatGingerSugarcaneVanillaEggs641+ Coins
1460+ Energy
Gooseberry Boba TeaMilkSugarcaneGooseberry418+ Coins
1833+ Energy
Gray StuffSugarcaneCocoa BeanAny Dairy175+ Coins
1046+ Energy
Hot CocoaSugarcaneMilkCocoa Bean401+ Coins
1563+ Energy
Ice CreamSlush IceMilkSugarcane558+ Coins
1158+ Energy
Jam WafflesWheatEggsMilkAny Fruit709+ Coins
1843+ Energy
Lemon SorbetSlush IceLemon237+ Coins
1112+ Energy
Meringue PieLemonWheatEggsButter667+ Coins
2014+ Energy
Minnie’s Gingerbread CookiesWheatGinger132+ Coins
379+ Energy
Mint Boba TeaSugarcaneMilkMint460+ Coins
1032+ Energy
Mint CandyMintSugarcane128+ Coins
391+ Energy
Mint ChocolateMintSugarcaneButterCocoa Bean490+ Coins
1827+ Energy
Mint SorbetSlush IceMint299+ Coins
695+ Energy
Pastry Cream and FruitsMilkSugarcaneAny FruitAny FruitAny Fruit497+ Coins
2332+ Energy
PawpsicleSlush IceSugarcaneAny Fruit265+ Coins
987+ Energy
Peanut Butter WafflesPeanutsWheatEggsMilk978+ Coins
1938+ Energy
Plain Snow ConesSlush Ice180+ Coins
410+ Energy
Raspberry Boba TeaMilkSugarcaneRaspberry377+ Coins
1203+ Energy
Red Fruit PieWheatButterAny Fruit297+ Coins
1047+ Energy
Red Fruit SorbetSlush IceRaspberryGooseberrySugarcane359+ Coins
2179+ Energy
Root BeerGingerSugarcaneVanilla250+ Coins
690+ Energy
Extra Fizzy Root BeerDried GingerSugarcaneVanillaN/A
ShakeAny Dairy82+ Coins
142+ Energy
Snow White’s Gooseberry PieGooseberryWheatButter338+ Coins
1677+ Energy
Sour Snow ConesSlush IceLemonSugarcane282+ Coins
1257+ Energy
Sweet SlushSlush IceAny Sweet219+ Coins
510+ Energy
Tropical PopSlush IceSugarcaneCoconutAny Fruit347+ Coins
1989+ Energy
Vanilla Ice CreamSlush IceMilkSugarcaneVanilla688+ Coins
1475+ Energy
WafflesWheatMilkEggsAny Sweet706+ Coins
1455+ Energy
Wedding CakeButterSugarcaneVanillaEggsWheat785+ Coins
1680+ Energy
Wonderland CookiesButterSugarcaneVanillaWheat406+ Coins
970+ Energy
Yule LogWheatCocoa BeanVanillaCherry213+ Coins
2147+ Energy
59 total Disney Dreamlight Valley Desserts as of February 2023

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation platforms through the official website.

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