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Disney Dreamlight Valley Ingredients Guide: All Ingredient Locations

You better invite Remy before you start cooking!

by Madison Benson
Disney Dreamlight Valley Cooking Ingredient Locations

Cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley allows you to make and sell dishes, boost villager friendships and recover energy. By creating delicious food, you can either gift it to others or eat it yourself if you need a pep in your step after a long day of work. However, to cook food, you need the right ingredients! If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to find a comprehensive list of every cooking ingredient in the game alongside their locations, growth times, sell prices and other helpful information.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Ingredients Guide: All Ingredient Locations

Cooking ingredients are essential for, well, cooking food in Disney Dreamlight Valley! If you haven’t unlocked cooking yet or don’t have a stove nearby, you can also eat most of these items raw. Alternatively, you can sell them and get some quick star coins if you want to make money.

Below is a list of every cooking ingredient in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as well as their locations, growth times and sell prices:


IngredientLocationGrowth TimeYieldSell Price and Energy
AsparagusFrosted Heights2 hours, 15 minutes3 Asparagus133 Star Coins
42 Energy
Bell PepperForest of Valor15 minutes1 Bell Pepper33 Star Coins
79 Energy
CarrotPeaceful Meadow15 minutes1 Carrot44 Star Coins
57 Energy
Chili PepperSunlit Plateau45 minutes1 Chili Pepper78 Star Coins
140 Energy
CucumberFrosted Heights1 hour, 15 minutes1 Cucumber159 Star Coins
145 Energy
EggplantFrosted Heights3 hours1 Eggplant308 Star Coins
451 Energy
LeekForgotten Lands2 hours1 Leek309 Star Coins
228 Energy
LettucePeaceful Meadow3 minutes1 Lettuce8 Star Coins
56 Energy
OkraGlade of Trust2 hours3 Okra114 Star Coins
31 Energy
OnionForest of Valor1 hour, 15 minutes1 Onion170 Star Coins
146 Energy
PotatoForgotten Lands35 minutes1 Potato126 Star Coins
113 Energy
PumpkinForgotten Lands4 hours1 Pumpkin664 Star Coins
187 Energy
SpinachGlade of Trust1 hour3 Spinach41 Star Coins
60 Energy
TomatoDazzle Beach25 minutes3 Tomato22 Star Coins
21 Energy
ZucchiniSunlit Plateau40 minutes2 Zucchini52 Star Coins
48 Energy
15 total Disney Dreamlight Valley Vegetables as of September 2022


IngredientLocationGrowth TimeSell Price and Energy
AppleForgotten Lands
20 minutes25 Star Coins
300 Energy
BananaPeaceful Meadow
Dazzle Beach
23 minutes29 Star Coins
350 Energy
BlueberryDazzle Beach
Forest of Valor
23 minutes29 Star Coins
350 Energy
CherryFrosted Heights
Sunlit Plateau
33 minutes42 Star Coins
500 Energy
Cocoa BeanSunlit Plateau
Glade of Trust
30 minutes38 Star Coins
450 Energy
CoconutMoana’s RealmN/A42 Star Coins
500 Energy
GooseberryFrosted Heights
Forgotten Lands
40 minutes50 Star Coins
600 Energy
LemonForest of Valor
Glade of Trust
27 minutes33 Star Coins
400 Energy
RaspberryPeaceful Meadow
17 minutes21 Star Coins
250 Energy
9 total Disney Dreamlight Valley Fruit as of September 2022


IngredientLocationGrowth TimeYieldSell Price and Energy
CanolaForest of Valor35 minutes1 Canola109 Star Coins
59 Energy
CornDazzle Beach12 minutes2 Corn16 Star Coins
30 Energy
RiceGlade of Trust50 minutes2 Rice61 Star Coins
59 Energy
SoyaSunlit Plateau1 hour, 30 minutes3 Soya69 Star Coins
58 Energy
SugarcaneDazzle Beach7 minutes1 Sugarcane19 Star Coins
46 Energy
WheatPeaceful Meadow1 minute2 Wheat2 Star Coins
19 Energy
6 total Disney Dreamlight Valley Grains as of September 2022

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Chez Remy’s Pantry

Butter190 Star Coins285 Energy
Cheese180 Star Coins270 Energy
Egg220 Star Coins330 Energy
Milk230 Star Coins345 Energy
Peanut200 Star Coins300 Energy
Slush Ice150 Star Coins225 Energy
6 total Disney Dreamlight Valley Chez Remy’s Pantry Ingredients as of September 2022

Spices & Herbs

IngredientLocationSell Price and Energy
BasilPeaceful Meadow25 Star Coins
100 Energy
GarlicForest of Valor60 Star Coins
135 Energy
GingerForgotten Lands100 Star Coins
175 Energy
MintFrosted Heights80 Star Coins
155 Energy
MushroomGlade of Trust30 Star Coins
105 Energy
OreganoPlaza20 Star Coins
95 Energy
VanillaSunlit Plateau60 Star Coins
135 Energy
7 total Disney Dreamlight Valley Spices & Herbs as of September 2022


IngredientLocationSell Price and Energy
ClamDazzle Beach45 Star Coins
120 Energy
OysterDazzle Beach250 Star Coins
250 Energy
ScallopDazzle Beach50 Star Coins
125 Energy
3 total Disney Dreamlight Valley Seafood as of September 2022

There are different ways to acquire each ingredient, depending on what you’re looking for. For example, while Goofy’s Stalls sell vegetables and seeds, you won’t find seafood, spices or pantry items here. However, while you can buy grains at the stalls, you can also find them while clearing Night Thorns. On the other hand, fruit is found in trees and bushes, while seafood is scattered along the beaches of Dazzle Beach.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation platforms through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out All Mythical Cave Magic Gate Puzzles and Solutions, How to Unlock and Upgrade Chez Remy and How to Increase House Size in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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