How to Catch an Anglerfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

I immediately cooked the fish once I caught it

Disney Dreamlight Valley Anglerfish

Anglerfish is one of the rarest fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Not only is it the most valuable fish in the game, but it’s used in two different cooking recipes. Whether you’re looking to cook the fish, fill up your collection log or show it off to everyone you know, getting an Anglerfish for the first time is a worthwhile achievement. If you’re interested in learning more, continue reading to learn how to catch an Anglerfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Catch an Anglerfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The first step to catching an Anglerfish is unlocking the Forgotten Lands. Before entering this region, you must open Sunlit Plateau and travel to the Forgotten Lands through the nearby ramps. It costs 7,000 Dreamlight to clear Sunlit Plateau’s night thorns, while the Forgotten Lands costs 15,000. If you’re doing both, it’ll total 22,000.

Before going there, though, bring a high-level fishing buddy. If you end up catching the Anglerfish, you may as well try to get two! Whether you turn that into double the money or cooked dishes is entirely up to you.

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Once you venture into the Forgotten Lands, look for orange, bubbling fishing spots. There are two ponds you can check to see if there are any. If you don’t find any orange fishing locations, you’ll have to leave and check later. Otherwise, cast out your line and complete the fishing minigame once you find one.

It’s important to focus on orange circles rather than white or blue. Since multiple fish spawn in the Forgotten Lands, such as the Lancetfish, Sole, and Squid, there’s a chance you’ll pick up one of these even if you use orange ones. By targeting white or blue, you’re more likely to pick up more common ones like Cod and Tuna.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation platforms through the official website. If you’re interested in learning more about the game, check out our Mysterious Wreck Quest Guide, How to Make Fabric and How to Talk to Ursula and Ariel Easily in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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