How to Unlock MissingNo Secret Character Without File Editing in Vampire Survivors (Character With The Most Adverse Fate)

We honestly expected MissingNo to be REMOVED from the game instead of it becoming widely available.

You are probably wondering what this new secret is, which mentions “the most adverse fate”. Well, this is about MissingNo, which can now finally be unlocked legitimately in Vampire Survivors. No need to do any file editing or any of those shenanigans. For those that don’t know, MissingNo is a glitched version of the Red Death (Reaper) that always has random stats. Prima Games is here to deliver a new guide on how to unlock MissingNo below. The riddle is “With the most adverse fate in Green Acres, run off the edge of the world”.

How to run off the edge of the world with the most adverse fate in Green Acres in Vampire Survivors – Solution

Back in the old days, you were supposed to do a lot of complicated stuff with the game files.

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Now, this is no longer necessary. There is a completely fun way to unlock it, and it’s not complicated at all. The first pre-requisite is to get the Yellow Sign: see How to Unlock the Yellow Sign in The Holy Forbidden in Vampire Survivors.

The second pre-requisite is to unlock the Green Acres Challenge Stage. To do this, you must unlock the Hyper Mode for two stages. The alternative to this is to type in “dotgogreenacres” in the Cheat/Secret menu after you unlock the Scroll of Morbane:

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When you enter Green Acres, you are supposed to run down-left diagonally until you see some weird stuff happening. See the screenshot below for a detailed visual explanation. In essence, you should pass the “imaginary” yellow lines that would come down from Metaglio Left and left from Gold Ring, and shortly after, well, you’ll see. Just keep going.

In total, this journey should take you around a minute or two, depending on the character speed, after you pass the clipping point that we’ve described. You’ll need to defeat something in order to return things to normal, and then MissingNo will be unlocked. If you want to be spoiled, keep scrolling down. Be well equipped for this fight!

Screenshot via Prima Games

Last chance to avoid spoilers!

You will notice that the world around you is glitching and gradually changing into some Matrix-like thing and then it’s gonna get… Well, very weird. Screenshots will be available below. In order to leave this Glitch World, you need to kill about 130 of these weird-looking eyeballs with bat wings. Once you do it, all of them will disperse, and your stage will return to normal with the Matrix phase happening again.

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Screenshot via Prima Games

It’s also important to note that MissingNo now has three different skins which you can check out if you have unlocked the Mindbender at some point.

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That’s it for this guide! We thank you for reading and invite you to check out more of our Vampire Survivors articles under the game tag below.

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