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How to Solve the Puzzle in The Major, The Witch and The Warehouse in Atomic Heart

Around and around we go, where we stop, Prima knows

by Daphne Fama

Nothing is easy for P-3. He only has two years’ worth of memories. He’s constantly anxious about disappointing his surrogate father, and robots keep trying to kill him. And in between all of that? Puzzles. Endless puzzles. Fortunately, we can expedite things by looking up guides. Here’s how to solve the puzzle in The Major, The Witch, and The Wardrobe in Atomic Heart.

How to Solve the Puzzle in The Major, The Witch and The Warehouse in Atomic Heart

After you’ve been tasked by the clearly unhinged Tereshkova to find the body parts of Claire, you’ll head all the way down to the bottom floor. Work your way through a very easy spin puzzle and you’ll soon find yourself in another room.

Here, you’ll find yourself in a room with an exhibition behind steel bars. In front of the exhibition is a wheel. Spin the wheel until you get an exhibition of three men sitting at a desk. Go to the left side of the exhibition and you’ll find it no longer has a wall blocking you.

Enter it, and you’ll see you can spin the wheel within the exhibition. Spin the wheel and you’ll change the adjacent exhibition. Keep spinning until it’s two men sitting at their desks.

Exit the exhibition and return to the first wheel you spun. Now, we’ll want to spin the wheel until the first exhibition is the VOV-A6 in an all-white and grey environment.

Re-enter the exhibition and walk all the way to the end, where you can climb on the green filing cabinets. Climb your way up, and you can finally enter the door that was barred to you before. But before you go, did you know there’s a large chest beneath the exhibition you’re standing on?

It’s accessible by crouching beneath the metal doors and descending the stairs. Large chest loot is random, and it’s possible there’s a blueprint inside, so it’s worth checking out.

Once you’ve entered through the door, you’ll go up a flight of stairs and soon find yourself face to face with 1) a room full of murderous VOV-A6 and 2) Another spin puzzle.

Kill the VOV-A6, then turn the wheel until you see a scene of golden pigs. Turn the wheel again, but this time sprint towards the pigs. You want to fall through the floor before the wall rises up.

You’ll land in a cement pit below the exhibit above, where there will be another wheel. Spin this wheel until you’re surrounded by magnets. Magnets that are conveniently stacked like platforms. Scurry up them and note, sometimes the controls here are clunky. If it seems like you can’t climb a platform, keep trying. You can, the game just doesn’t want to listen to you.

Eventually, you’ll climb through a porthole that will let you into the exhibit. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s another wheel to spin.

Spin it, and you’ll have access to a yellow pipe when you can climb up and use to jump to the next door. We’ve worked hard to get to that leg, so go and claim it from those weird, terrifying robots.

If you’re curious, here’s whether or not you can save the trapped man you met at the very start of the game.

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