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Can You Save the Trapped Man in Atomic Heart? – Answered

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by Shawn Robinson
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For something that’s generally so finite in other games, Atomic Heart gives you plenty of opportunities to communicate with the dead through their final memories. This not only gives insight into what happened when Facility 3826 went to hell, but can also provide comedic relief from time to time. One such character has a moral decision, though is deceiving in a sense. Here’s whether you can save the Trapped Man in Atomic Heart.

Is it Possible to Save the Trapped Man in Atomic Heart?

The trapped man shows up fairly early in the game when you’re tasked with finding four different canisters in different parts of the facility. During your trip to the Algae Lab, you’ll find a man laying on the floor, trapped and asking for help. After interacting with him and seeing what the problem is, you’ll be met with a choice. Seeing as you can’t free him from his situation, you have the choice to either put him out of his misery or leave him to eventually die.

The truth of the matter is that it doesn’t matter what you choose. You aren’t talking to the man, you’re talking to his Thought device. When people with Thought devices die in Atomic Heart, their last memories are played for a few hours until those die out too. So whether you decide to hack into his lifeless body or let it sit there, it’ll die later on anyways. We’d choose to slash at him anyways if we were you (because it’s more fun), but hey, choose whichever option you think is best.

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Just about every dialogue option doesn’t matter in Atomic Heart. Most of the time, it’s either a change that lets you learn more about the world or simply do whatever you want. Don’t think about your choices too much, it’s not worth it. What can be worth it is getting FOV changes working in Atomic Heart, which you can do with our guide.

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