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How to Open the HAWK 06 Terminal at the Boat Station in Atomic Heart

If there's one thing we love, it's crashing balloons

by Daphne Fama

Poor P-3; he just can’t catch a break. Upon escaping the facility and its quaint, robot-infested village, he finally catches a train… which immediately gets derailed, dumping him out into green pastures that are also robot-infested. But P-3 won’t be deterred. He’s going to get to Sechenov, and he’ll bring down the HAWK to do it. Here’s how to open the HAWK 06 Terminal at the Boat Station in Atomic Heart.

How to open the HAWK 06 Terminal at the Boat Station in Atomic Heart

As we learned in the village, the HAWK terminal is the giant Pchela-like machine flying in the air. The HAWK controls the Daffodil security systems and maintains the robot ecosystem in the surrounding area. By checking your map, you can see both where the HAWK is and the area it controls. Its area of influence is the white circle, and the HAWK is marked on the map as a satellite dish.

You can knock down any HAWK you see temporarily by accessing its terminal, which will be on the ground beneath it. It’s not always precisely beneath it, but it’ll be pretty close. Once you’ve accessed the terminal, you can choose to make the HAWK temporarily land, giving you access to it, or you can overload its relay, causing all robots and security systems within its area of influence to go offline.

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But accessing the HAWK 06 Terminal beside the boat house proves to be a little more difficult. The terminal door is locked. And to unlock it? We’ll need to find one of those squid machines.

Squid machines, so named by me because they look like squids, will allow you to access the cameras in the area surrounding it. Why is this important? Because if a camera has a door in sight, it can unlock it.

The squid machine we’ll need is at the top of this tower, just South and across the lake from the Boat Station. Interact with the squid machine, and you’ll be brought to a map. Select the golden node that’s just below the boat station, then tilt it as far left as possible. The view should look like this.

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You’ll get a button prompt on the screen over the door. Use it, and you’ll see the Terminal door open. Excellent! Exit the machine and head back to the boat station. Enter the terminal and you’ll only have one option: Hawk Maintenance. We’ll be able to crash it later.

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