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How to Get the Gold Rings in Atomic Heart

Like finding two rings in the middle of a massive facility.

by Shawn Robinson
Atomic Heart P-3 and Granny Zina

Like a surprisingly high amount of games to release these days, Atomic Heart features a particular item you’re striving to get before finishing the story. In DOOM it’s the Crucible, and in Mass Effect, it’s the Conduit (though I suppose “getting” that might be a bit of poor wording). In the case of Atomic Heart, it’s two gold rings that have a ton of power. How do you acquire them, you may ask? Here’s how to get the Gold Rings in Atomic Heart.

Where Are the Gold Rings in Atomic Heart?

Before you go exploring the entirety of Facility 3826 to find two little rings somewhere, don’t waste your time. The Gold Rings, like the other games we mentioned, aren’t something you go and pick up out in the world somewhere. Instead, they’re an item for a key part of the story. We won’t spoil them for the sake of letting you find out the story yourself, but you’ll get them once you’ve progressed about 75% of the way through the story.

After you get them, you won’t need to do anything specific with them. Similar to how you acquire them, these don’t have any use until another point later in the story, about a mission later, in fact. After that, they, unfortunately, aren’t talked about again. It’s a weird move, but it is how the developers felt the story should progress.

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Finding things in Atomic Heart, both story-related and optional, is a key part of the experience. Having these random finds lets you upgrade your arsenal by improving your current weapons, giving new ones, or supplying you with resources to upgrade your abilities. Even if that’s not what you find, you can still use them to progress the story in one way or another. Take the Testing Grounds as one example of these findable areas and items.

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