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Does Atomic Heart Have Romance? – Answered

Romance in the Soviet Union is forbidden, or something.

by Shawn Robinson
Atomic Heart P-3 and Granny Zina

Soviet-era Russia is a really beautiful place, at least when there aren’t killer robots swarming it and slaughtering all its citizens. While ensuring the complete annihilation of Facility 3826’s bot population, you may wonder whether you can engage in a little love on the battlefield. Depending on how early you are in the game though, that can be a tad confusing. Here’s whether Atomic Heart has romance mechanics similar to other games.

Is There Romance in Atomic Heart?

For those who love a good love story from time to time, we’re sorry to break it to you that Atomic Heart doesn’t have romance mechanics of any kind. You can’t love up the iconically sexy robot twins, the random people you meet on your adventures, or any other robots for that matter. There are a lot of spoiler reasons for this which we won’t get into, though there are a lot of other reasons as well.

For one, Atomic Heart isn’t the type of game that needs romance. P-3 isn’t the lovey-dovey type, instead focusing on completing his mission and slaughtering every hostile robot in sight. He doesn’t have time to fall for others, he’s got better things to do like impressing his father figure Sechenov, or telling his talking glove to never speak again. Another big reason is just how much there already was to create with Atomic Heart. This is a big game by all means, with around 15 hours of main story content and a massive world to craft up. Likely, the team didn’t have time to make that sort of system, though again, it didn’t need it.

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While you can’t get into all sorts of love in Atomic Heart, you do at least have a sex-obsessed fridge that talks about everything it wants to do to you. Then again, we’d personally be happier putting a few rounds into it. Perhaps from a Kalash AK-47 or something like that.

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