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How to Enable VSync in Atomic Heart

If Vertical Sync is so cool, why is there no Horizontal Sync?

by Shawn Robinson
Atomic Heart Key Art

Atomic Heart’s settings menu is nothing to scoff at, offering quite a bit of customizability should you want your game perfectly optimized. Many of the key settings are there (sadly not FOV), including things such as DLSS and Motion Blur. One setting seems to be giving players some confusion though. Here’s how you can enable VSync in Atomic Heart, and how you can fix a strange issue surrounding it.

How to Fix VSync Greyed Out in Atomic Heart

We’re going to assume that you’re aware of which setting to go to so you enable VSync in Atomic Heart. It’s on the first page when you open the settings menu, so we’d be surprised if that’s what trips people up. Rather, a lot of you might notice that the option is greyed out randomly, and doing some of the more basic fixes like changing the display mode between Fullscreen Windowed, Windowed, and Fullscreen doesn’t fix the problem.

Instead, this issue has one of the strangest solutions we’ve seen in some time. To fix the problem, head to the Quality menu and turn DLSS Frame Generation on. This is normally to have DLSS enabled, though you can turn it on if you don’t have a Nvidia graphics card anyways. Once it’s on, your game may restart on its own, and that’s completely fine. If not, you may have to restart it manually for the changes to take effect.

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Once you’ve had the game restart, you should see VSync be greyed out no longer. As said, it’s an incredibly weird fix but it works. Now you can get back to handling all of the other settings the game gives you. You may also notice that FOV is missing while searching through, but we’ve made a guide going into how you can thankfully get around that.

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