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How to Change your FOV in Atomic Heart: FOV Fix

Let's make P-3's eyes just a little less narrow.

by Shawn Robinson
Atomic Heart Mini Boss Battle

The vast majority of triple-A games (at least on PC) offer some sort of FOV slider. This feature lets you change the perspective of the camera, which can be a big help for those who deal with motion sickness. You’ll likely have noticed that Atomic Heart doesn’t feature a FOV slider of any kind though, and as much as that’s a shame, it isn’t the end of the world. There are other ways you can get around it, provided you’re playing on PC. Here’s how you can change your FOV in Atomic Heart.

How to Change the FOV Value in Atomic Heart

First things first, head on over to the official website for Flawless Widescreen and scroll down to the Windows installs. You’ll want the x64 Installer Package more than likely, as the other options are only for specific PCs. Run the setup, and you’ll be met with a strange and complicated screen. Most of this can be safely ignored, so for this fix, check the drop-down menu on the left side. You’ll notice a massive list of games under the FWS Plugins section, though you’ll want to click on Atomic Heart. While leaving all of the boxes and values as is, launch Atomic Heart.

Once you’re in-game and able to look around, alt-tab and begin changing the value labeled “In-Game FOV – Fine Adjustment.” This can be set anywhere from 0-40% and will change as you slide it, so change it to whatever you prefer. Once you’re happy with it, hop in and enjoy your vastly improved FOV!

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Before we go, we do want to make one note that this only works when you have the Flawless Widescreen program open. Because of that, you’ll need to launch it either before or when playing. That shouldn’t be a big deal, and won’t impact PC performance, but we figured it was worth mentioning.

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