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How to Use the Scanner in Atomic Heart

Let's scan over the controls real quick.

by Shawn Robinson
How to Use the Atomic Heart Scanner

When exploring the very expansive world of Atomic Heart, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself lost for one reason or another. Perhaps you just need a lay of the land so you know what you’re up against, or maybe you’re looking for every last bit of loot in a complex. Whatever the reason may be, the Scanner can be a massive help for that. How you use it can be a little confusing though. Here’s how to use the Scanner in Atomic Heart.

How to Use the Scanner on Console and PC in Atomic Heart

The Scanner’s button bind is far less complex on a PC than it is on consoles. To use it on PC, hold down the Alt button for as long as you want it to be up. On PlayStation and Xbox, you’ll need to press RB/R1, then let go and hold it for as long as you want the Scanner to be active. It’s a little awkward, but you’ll get used to it. Once you have it up, there are plenty of new things to find of varying colors. That can also be confusing, though we’ve provided a handy guide below for each color:

  • Red – Enemy unit. You can also use this to scan their weaknesses, should you want to max out your damage output.
  • Blue – Lootable container. These will include instant health items, ammo, materials for crafting various upgrades, and more.
  • White – Power lines. Used for various objectives, both mandatory and optional.
  • Purple – Items that are necessary for progression. You must pick these up when you can.

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Once you’ve learned the Scanner, your adventures through Atomic Heart should be much easier. Knowing how to explore and do battle with your enemies is one thing, but having the intel to know what you’re dealing with in the next room can transform how you play the game. Just make sure to be prepared if the red blob looks particularly large. We have pltny of other Atomic Heart guides to help you through the game. Check out how to change your field of view.

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