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Does Atomic Heart Have New Game Plus? – Answered

Soviet Russia is a one-stop shop.

by Shawn Robinson
Atomic Heart P-3 and Granny Zina

Atomic Heart is an expansive game that not only takes many hours to complete but houses a ton of secrets and upgradeable items to help you slaughter robots left and right. There are a ton of these upgrades, so it’s more than likely you won’t upgrade everything in your playthrough (unless you sift through as much as humanly possible). With that, you may wonder if you can play on New Game Plus and continue your current save. Here’s whether Atomic Heart has New Game Plus.

Is There New Game Plus in Atomic Heart?

As of writing, there, unfortunately, is no New Game Plus mechanic to speak of in Atomic Heart. Speaking from experience, after finishing the game, you’re sent back to the menu with just three options. You can continue from your last save, load the game from a previous save, or start an entirely new game from a desired difficulty. This new game feature won’t let you keep your stuff, so you’ll be starting from square one (and watching the hour-long intro again).

It’s quite a shame since Atomic Heart would thrive for those who love it with a New Game Plus feature. The Neuropolymer upgrades and weapon modifications could be interesting to min-max, not to mention any incomplete Testing Ground sections should you have gotten tired of them and moved on. Though with all this being said, it isn’t completely hopeless. New Game Plus could very well come to Atomic Heart at some point after launch (it is getting DLC after all). It just won’t come for a while, if ever.

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In the meantime, you can at least do another run on a higher difficulty, or try to 100% your next playthrough. That isn’t quite as good as New Game Plus, but it’s better than nothing.

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