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Where to Get the Makarov Pistol (MP) in Atomic Heart

Nothing like a pistol to make it feel like a horror game

by Daphne Fama
Atomic Heart Melee Battle

Atomic Heart has you chasing down a traitor that’s released a robotic catastrophe, but getting to him is no small task. Robots will swarm you the moment they see you, and to dismantle them, you’re going to need a big arsenal of weapons. And the missable pistol is a great option, especially if you’re running out of room in your inventory. Here’s how to find the Makarov pistol (MP) in Atomic Hearts.

Where to Get the Makarov Pistol (MP) in Atomic Heart

The Makarov Pistol will be your first firearm alternative to the shotgun, and there’s a reason to consider it. It has decent damage before being upgraded, a much higher rate of fire than your shotgun, and it’s been used by astronauts in space. Why do they need guns in space? For out of jurisdiction space murders, probably.

The MP is a missable weapon that’s obtainable in your very first mission. Once you’ve encountered Petrov, he’ll escape and lock the door behind him. Take out the Pchela and Laborer robots that swarm you, then head up to the room where you’ll need to grab the orange orb, called a Candle, set on the red table.

This guy’s got the goods

Beside the Candle is a Chirper, but more importantly, turn around and you’ll see a dead soldier sitting at his desk. Approach him and you’ll see the Makarov Pistol on the ground beside him, near his limp hand. That’s an ominous piece of world-building. Use your glove to suck in his vicinity if you don’t see and the Makarov Pistol (MP) will fly right to you.

I’m sure he won’t mind if you take it, and it’s always nice to have another gun. Unfortunately, we don’t have much in the way of ammo for it yet, and the way back to Nora is locked.

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