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Does Atomic Heart have a 6 Hour Cutscene? – Answered

Sorry, robot simps

by Daphne Fama

Atomic Heart has been teasing us for years with beautiful concept art and an interesting story. Players will be dropped into a utopian world, where humanity lives in tranquility with their loyal robot servants. However, a global conspiracy threatens to destroy that idyllic life forever, as the robots’ rebel against their human oppressors’ creators. But has anyone noticed how sexy those robots are? And more importantly, is there a six hour cut scene in Atomic Heart?

Does Atomic Heart have a 6 Hour Cutscene? – Answered

It’s likely you’ve heard the rumors. In Mundfish’s upcoming open world game, players will have the opportunity to view a six-hour cut scene that leans heavily into the spice category. Like, slap a Mature warning on the box and keep your kids locked away type of spice.

But is there any substance to the rumor, and how did it start?

Well, we can’t know for certain if it’s true. Mundfish has been coy when asked directly.

“So, how many hours of sex scenes will it contain now?” one Twitter user asked.

“Find it out by yourself ;)”, Mundfish replied.

You can’t blame Mundfish for keeping the mystique if it means a few more sales. And after being in development for 5 years, Atomic Hearts probably needs all the sales it can get. Still, it’s very, very unlikely that the rumors are true, as the only rating warnings for the game are for blood, gore, intense violence, and language.

As for how these rumors even started, it seems to be based around this image:

Supposedly, this image was taken from an IGN article, but no one seems to have a cached version or proof other than this image. Which, frankly, would be very easy to fake. But since this image was released, the rumors have taken on a life of their own… and who can blame them? Many of the cutscenes involving the robot ballerinas have a certain energy to them, and they’ve garnered quite a fanbase.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a certain subset of people who buy Atomic Heart purely because of them.

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