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How to Skip Day or Night in Hogwarts Legacy

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by Daniel Wenerowicz
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The cycles might be long, but Hogwarts Legacy does have a day and night cycle to make the game world feel even more alive. It can be hard to notice inside the walls of the castle sometimes, however, skipping day or night and having natural light as you explore outside can be integral.

You might have also already run into some classroom quests that require you to show up at a certain time, which means day or night. Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t explain it very well, but there is a way that we can skip time to match the cycle we need. This guide will explain exactly how.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Skip Day or Night

If you’re itching to skip day or night, the good news is that it can be done from any location in the game. The first step is to open up your world map. There is no special place to skip time, however, you still need to have the map open. From here, you can see the button to wait at the bottom right side of your screen next to the map change.

On a controller, the button is R3/RS and it’s pressed once. This will bring up a prompt to wait until day or night depending on what time you’re currently in. Your character will then sit down and wait. When the screen changes, there you’ll be brought to dawn or dusk with some noticeable changes, especially in the castle.

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You don’t ever have to wait in Hogwarts Legacy and you can let the natural cycles run their course within the world. But you’ll likely be waiting much longer for classes or struggling for some light when you enter places like the Forbidden Forest. Either way, now you know how to skip day or night.

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