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How to Change your Voice in Hogwarts Legacy

This is how you sound when asking something calmly

by Patrick Souza
Change Voice Hogwarts Legacy

Although they have lots of powerful and interesting magic tricks in their sleeves, wizards in the Hogwarts Legacy universe can’t change their appearance and other personal traits so easily without a Polyjuice Potion, as it was often displayed in the Harry Potter books. And even if they do, the effect is still temporary unless they keep drinking this hard-to-make potion periodically. 

But even with no sight of this magical mix in the game (aside from a certain quest), players still have a certain liberty for changing some of their wizard’s characteristics, and their voice is included here, even if only to a certain extent. Here’s how you can change your voice in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Change Your Wizard Voice in Hogwarts Legacy

When first creating your character, you’re presented with two voice customization options. You can choose between two Voice Tones and also customize your Voice Pitch to a lower or higher level. Once selected, you cannot change your Tone, but the Pitch can be modified anytime.

To do this, pause the game and select the Settings tab. From here, select Audio Options (the speaker icon on the left side). You’ll immediately see the “Pitch” bar, which you can freely move for changing how your character sounds when talking.

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There seems to be no way of changing your voice tone, which would mean a more drastic change than just tweaking the pitch a bit. You’re stuck with whichever tone you selected at the start, so make sure you got the one that represents your wizard or witch the best.

Most customization options cannot be changed after starting the game, and the only things you can freely change, aside from your voice pitch, are facial features and hairstyle/color. Luckily, you still get some nice outfit options, as you can get fashion items while progressing through the game, and you even get to customize your own Hogwarts robe

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