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How to Change Robe Appearance in Hogwarts Legacy

Don't settle for anything less than a Rizzard.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Hogwarts Legacy Robe

Hogwarts Legacy is full of different robes and equipment pieces that players can use to change their appearance while enhancing their stats. Sometimes though, the stats are great and the look of the gear is terrible, so the best of both worlds is to change the robe appearance.

However, Hogwarts Legacy never really explains how to change your robe appearance in the game. You may have even noticed that some robes are cosmetic only, but you can’t find them in your gear. This guide is here to explain the whole process so you can look better in no time.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Change Robe Appearance

Once you’ve decided you want to change your gear appearance, the first step is to open up the menu and head over to the gear screen, which is located at the top left in the book or directly left in the bar. Within the gear screen, you’ll see all of the clothes that you have equipped to help boost your stats.

Scroll over any of these gear pieces and the equipped item box will pop up with the stats listed. At the bottom of that box in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll see the option to change the appearance. On a controller, players can tap Square/X to initiate the robe appearance change. This will bring you to another screen with all of your collected styles.

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The appearance menu includes both collected styles for cosmetics only and the styles from basic gear. It costs nothing to change your robe appearance or any other equipment appearance for that matter, and it can be done anywhere. Changing your hair will cost a few Galleons, but your style in Hogwarts Legacy is always free.

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