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How to Open the Eye Chest in Hogwarts Legacy

At least they don't have teeth.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Eye Chest

We all love loot whether it’s from Hogwarts Legacy or any other RPG, but sometimes that loot is locked behind puzzles. In this case, the loot we want is stuck inside the Eye Chests which will closely guard the Galleons that they have unless an aspiring Witch or Wizard knows what to do.

Fairly early into the game, you can start finding white chests around the halls of the school that have an eye on them. As you get closer, the eye will open and the chest will be locked. Being aspiring Wizards and Witches, we have ways to open the Eye Chest if you know where to look.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Open the Eye Chest

Before you can start opening these chests, you’ll need a way to get past their guarding gaze that keeps the Galleons locked away. That way is the Disillusionment Charm which is a spell that makes you invisible. If we learned anything from the moves, invisibility is integral to exploration in Hogwarts Legacy.

To learn the Disillusionment Charm, players need to complete the “Secret of the Restricted Section” quest. This quest is part of the main story, so as long as you continue down that path, you’ll get this spell fairly early into the game. Once the quest is done, it’s time to look for an Eye Chest.

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These chests are located all over the map and will even pop up on the mini-map, so keep an eye on them. As soon as you know which one you want to open, approach it and look for an area to the left or right of the chest that keeps you out of sight. With the line of sight broken, use the Disillusionment Charm and open up the Eye Chest. You’ll earn your 500 Galleons and can move on to the next one in Hogwarts Legacy.

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