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How to Get and Use the Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Never oversweep for class again.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Broom Hogwarts

The broom is one of the most iconic ways to travel around in the Harry Potter universe and everyone can get their own broomstick in Hogwarts Legacy. However, aspiring Wizards and Witches won’t begin the game with a way to travel around unless it’s on foot.

Steps need to be taken before students can even begin choosing their own broom. But once you have one of your own, traveling becomes much easier, especially in the wilderness of Hogwarts Legacy. This guide will cover how you can get a broom and how to use it within your own game.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get and Use the Broom

Like so many other aspects of the game, you’ll need to reach a certain part of the main story to even unlock use of the broom. You can’t simply pick one up and use it. To unlock access, you’ll need to complete the “Flying Class” quest that appears after the Jackdaw line of events in the main story.

Once you have completed Flying Class and the test that goes along with it, you can head out and purchase a broom. The only way to get one after the class is to purchase it, and for that, you must make your way to Hogsmeade where all the shops are. Sprintwitch Sporting Needs is the shop that sells brooms and you’ll need 600 Galleons to buy one.

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Now that you have a broom, you can go into the gear menu and hit Circle/B on controller to activate the use of the stick. With your equipment, all set in Hogwarts Legacy, tap L1/LB to take out the broom on a controller, or tab+3 by default on keyboard and mouse. Using the triggers and the analog stick will help you with speed and direction while you fly, but the flying class will outline it all.

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