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How Many Merlin Trials are in Hogwarts Legacy?

You'll need a warehouse of Mallowsweet Leaves.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Merlin Trial

Running out of gear space in Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most annoying aspects of the game, and to fix that issue, players need to complete the Merlin Trials. These puzzles are scattered all around the open world and are marked by some swirling stones on the ground or a leaf symbol on the map.

Completing a small number of the trials will give you a slight increase in your gear space, but there are five upgrades in total. To reach the fifth level, you’ll have more than a few Merlin Trials to complete in Hogwarts Legacy and we’re here to cover just how many of them really exist.

Hogwarts Legacy – How Many Merlin Trials are There?

The trials may seem super limited at first, but as you explore more of the world, you’ll realize that these stone swirls are littered everywhere. In fact, there is a total of 95 Merlin Trials that Wizards or Witches can complete, so earning all the gear upgrades is no small task.

On top of there being nearly one hundred different trials to complete, that also means you’ll need at least 95 Mallowsweet Leaves to finish every one. Buying those will quickly get expensive, so knowing how many trials exist can help you plan out your herbology pots to grow the leaves. Below you can find how many trials are located in each major region of the Hogwarts Legacy map.

Merlin Trials in Each Location:

  • North Ford Bog – 4
  • Forbidden Forest – 3
  • Hogsmeade Valley – 5
  • North Hogwarts Region – 5
  • South Hogwarts Region – 15
  • Hogwarts Valley – 16
  • Feldcroft Region – 16
  • South Sea Bog – 2
  • Poidsear Coast – 10
  • Marunweem Lake – 4
  • Manor Cape – 5
  • Cragcroftshire – 5
  • Clagmar Coast – 5

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Once you complete every single Merlin Trial in the game, you won’t have to worry about destroying some gear you found nearly as much. But it’ll probably still happen, let’s be honest.

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