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How Many Endings does Hogwarts Legacy Have? – Answered

Which legacy will you leave behind?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Hogwarts Legacy Endings

One of the most surprising reveals for Hogwarts Legacy was that the game would have multiple endings. Because the game is a prequel to any of the movies that we’ve seen up to this point, it’s a challenge to add a story with different endings without effecting the lore we already know.

As an open-world RPG with plenty of character customization though, having different endings was almost a necessary addition to the game. In this Hogwarts Legacy guide, we’ll go over how many different endings there are and what the difference is between them.

Hogwarts Legacy – How Many Endings are There?

This isn’t an RPG that has dozens of endings based on the decisions you make up to the climax of the story. Instead, there are three different endings to the game that are essentially chosen in the final showdown. Two of the endings will dictated what happens with the main story and how your character is classified.

There is a neutral or a good ending to the story and there is an evil ending, which most of you Slytherin players are bound to pick, or Hufflepuff if you want to throw a curveball in. Both of these endings are what you see as the main story comes to a close and the third one is found well after Hogwarts Legacy is over.

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The third ending is the true ending. Games like Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Batman Arkham Knight have a similar concept where completing nearly everything in the game will lead to the true ending. Considering these are all Warner Bros. Games titles, that addition isn’t a surprise. The true ending of Hogwarts Legacy will be the same for everyone, regardless of choice.

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