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What is the Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy? – Answered

Reach the level of a master Wizard or Witch.

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Hogwarts Legacy Level

Character customization and adventure are the names of the game for Hogwarts Legacy and what will bring so many players in to experience the fun. But that also means at some point the adventure must come to a halt and you’ll reach the max level cap for your own character.

After all, your character is a fifth-year student and their work has to pay off at some point. Reaching that max level will allow you to have far more talents and spells. Just so you know where you are headed in Hogwarts Legacy, we’ll go over what the max level is and what that means by the end of the game.

Hogwarts Legacy – What is the Max Level?

Once all is said in done around Hogwarts, the max level that your character can reach is level 40. Beyond that point, any XP you earn will not go toward growing any stronger in terms of experience. As soon as you reach level 40, you’ll unlock the trophy or achievement associated with it and you’ll know you hit the mark.

If you’ve played Hogwarts Legacy already, then you know there are a ton of talents and spells to unlock as you play through the game. You may notice that there are too many talents to unlock with the max level of 40, and that’s true. Wizards and Witches won’t be able to get every single upgrade on their first playthrough.

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In the future, if more content is added or there is a New Game Plus mode, this may be a different story. But for the time being, players in Hogwarts Legacy will have to settle with the max level cap of 40, which is more than enough to get through the rest of the side content after the main story.

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