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How to Complete Like a Moth to a Frame in Hogwarts Legacy

Which spell could be the flame?

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Like a Moth to a Frame

As you begin your adventure around the school in Hogwarts Legacy, you’re bound to run into a handful of side quests with puzzling objectives. One of the earliest side quests is called Like a Moth to a Frame and it tasks players will figuring out the mystery of what looks like a framed mirror.

Lenora Everleigh, the student who initially found the mirror on the wall, is entirely confused by the frame, but she’s sure that it has a solution. It’s your job to figure this out so you can claim your rewards and go on your way. Find the easy solution in our Like a Moth to a Frame guide for Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy – How to Complete Like a Moth to a Frame

Once you’ve spoken to Lenora Everleigh in the Central Hall of the Library Annex, you can begin your task. This has no level requirement, so all Wizards and Witches can take on Like a Moth to a Frame as soon as they reach the location. Players should start by following Lenora to the mirror on the wall and casting a Lumos spell. This will reveal an image in the frame that you need to find.

If you’re looking at the mirror, take a right and follow that path to the giant set of doors in Hogwarts Legacy. Don’t head out through those though. Instead, take a left at those doors and you’ll find a statue of Gregory the Smarmy. If you’re facing this statue, look to the left on the wall and you’ll see a glowing moth. Use the Lumos spell to grab the moth and hold onto it.

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With the moth connected to the Lumos spell, walk back to the mirror. As soon as you reach the vicinity, the moth will place itself in the empty moth mold at the bottom of the mirror frame when you put out the light. This effectively completes the Like a Moth to a Frame quest and you can talk to Lenora Everleigh. She will reward you with a House Fan-Atic School Robe for appearance in Hogwarts Legacy.

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