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How to Sign Up for Harry Potter Quidditch Champions Playtest


Prayers have been answered, and we are finally getting a modern way to play Quidditch. Quidditch is, as you may know, a specific sport in Harry Potter’s universe, and given the recent success of Hogwarts Legacy, this was bound to happen. However, everyone expected a DLC for Hogwarts Legacy which would allow you to play Quidditch, but Warner Bros figured out something better (from a technical standpoint): A standalone Quidditch game. Here’s how to sign up for Harry Potter Quidditch Champions playtest.

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How to Play the Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Beta

Sign-ups are now live on the official page of WB. In case you get an error, keep the tab open, and try again a bit later, as your data will still be filled. Took me about an hour of occasional trying to get my application accepted. Please note that this application for testing does not necessarily mean that you will be a play-tester for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions. One can hope!

You can sign up for a chance to be one of the testers for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions here.

Why Will Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions Be a Standalone Game?

Hold your horses, I know that all of you seem upset that this is not a DLC, but a full-fledged game that will bear the full game price tag. There are two reasons for this, in my personal opinion.

Number one would be the feasibility of Quidditch within Hogwarts Legacy. Maybe it would be hard to make as a DLC, within the constraints of the Hogwarts Legacy engine. Maybe it’s best for Quidditch to have a standalone game, so that it may shine with full power, and have an engine and game specifically designed to deal with Quidditch and Quidditch only!

Number two would be the corporate interest, probably. Hogwarts Legacy is a big hit when it comes to sales, and they want to ride the wave of success as much as possible. I mean, why wouldn’t they? For all we know, they could already have the Hogwarts Legacy team work on an actual DLC, or a sequel, and have another team work on the Quidditch Champions game so that when the hype dies down, they can consistently release a new Harry Potter game. Remember how Hogwarts Legacy was delayed? They need time to develop their games and, hopefully, they understood that they should not release a half-baked game.

In the end, high hopes that everything will turn out fine for Harry Potter fans and that they’ll have their own Rocket League game pretty soon!

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As a retrospective, we have dug up a gameplay video of the previous Quidditch game called Harry Potter and the Quidditch World Cup which you can have a look at.

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