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Will Hogwarts Legacy have DLC? – Answered

Given the early success of the game...

by Nikola L
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Hogwarts Legacy saw some amazing hype before release, but it kept exponentially growing through the Early Access phase, and now we are at the full release mark. And it’s not just about the game, preorders, sales, and those numbers. The hype was unprecedented on Twitch when it comes to viewership of single-player games at launch, for example.

Given the insane numbers Hogwarts Legacy is already showing, the big question is, do the developers of Hogwarts Legacy stop there, or do they go for DLC? Prima Games has investigated what’s happening in the DLC department for Hogwarts Legacy, and we are delivering our findings below.

When Will Hogwarts Legacy Get a DLC?

We didn’t believe it the first time we saw it, but here’s the Tweet on our claim from the introduction paragraph:

Source: Official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter

To put it in perspective, League of Legends had about 3.1 million concurrent viewers once, Minecraft had 1.93 Million, CS:GO had 1.91 million… Anyway, back to the subject.

DLC is nowadays an expected and normalized form of video game releases, and most major games have them. We have stumbled upon some alleged leaks on Twitter which insinuate that some content has been omitted from Hogwarts Legacy, which we won’t discuss in this article in detail. Still, when it comes to official statements regarding future DLC, there are no official announcements that a Hogwarts DLC is coming.

So far, I believe that the priority is to optimize and stabilize the game with a patch or two, and then they might consider allocating resources to a DLC. A strategy some developers use is to wait for the game’s hype to start dying down and then WHAM, a DLC is released, to reel people back in, which also should result in a well-built, interesting, and long enough DLC to warrant the attention of most players.

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Despite no DLCs being confirmed for Hogwarts Legacy so far, Hogwarts Legacy fans are not to lose hope because while it’s common for DLCs to be announced before or around the launch day of the game, they can also be announced significantly after the game release. As soon as any information about this comes out, we will be updating this article immediately. And we do believe there is a lot of content for Hogwarts Legacy to be made to enrich the experience for players further.

In the meantime, we welcome you to our Hogwarts Legacy game tag, where you can find a plethora of guides and news.

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